Pharmacology to increase muscle mass

Pharmacology (Pharma)to increase muscle mass can significantly increase results in bodu It’s no secret (and for some people it’s just the same secret) that by training naturally, you will not look like athletes from glossy magazines, even with a great experience of training, proper programs and nutrition. Let’s talk about which pharmacology is best for gaining mass. For reference https://compare-steroidi.com/ you can find a wide range of steroids for any purpose and course.

Pharma is hormonal and non-hormonal.

Hormonal Pharma mainly includes androgenic-anabolic steroids (synthetic testosterone and its analogues), as well as insulin and growth hormone. These also include insulin-like IGF growth factors (there are several of them) and peptides (GRPH).

Non-hormonal pharmacy for muscle mass gain includes a wide variety of drugs, for example, potassium orotate, carnitine chloride, riboina

List of Hormonal Pharma by Mass Set

This list may not be complete, however, the main drugs include:

Growth Hormone

An effective but expensive drug. Ordinary people, as a rule, can not afford. It is used, as a rule, by professionals. It does not apply to steroids. Does not require after course therapy. At high dosages, its combination with insulin is necessary.


Nonsteroidal hormonal drug in pharmacies. No post-course therapy is required. The principle of action is that insulin “drags” nutrients through the body. Due to this, the bodubuilder can eat more and provide more nutrients to the muscles, which has a positive effect on their growth.

Next, we will talk about steroids.


Steroids, as we have said, are synthetic testosterone (male sex hormone) or its analogues (with slight changes at the molecular level).

Methandrostenolone (Methandienone, Danabol, “Methane”)

“Methane” is the number one steroid. As a rule, chemistry begins with it. It is included in almost all mass collection courses.
Methane is a fairly strong androgenic anabolic steroid, although some mistakenly consider it a weak steroid, due to the fact that chemistry often starts with it. Some people even argue that after a methane solo course a PCT is not needed. It’s not! PCT should be performed after any steroid cycle, including after methane.


Injectable drug. Very effective. It is available in several variants (esters), such as Testosterone Propionate (fast play), Enanthate (long play), undecanoate, etc.

Propionate allows you to gain weight and at the same time burn fat, although it is believed that people prone to fullness can, on the contrary, appear overweight.

Testosterone is also the basis of many mass collection courses.

Nandrolone Decanoate (“DECA”, Decadurabolin, Retabolil)

Injectable drug. The chemical name is nandrolone decanoate. People – “soundboard”. Trade names are Decadurabolin, Retabolil.

A strong steroid is added to many mass collection courses, but it has its own specificity. Unlike most other steroids, it does not aromatize, which means it is not converted to estrogen at high dosages.

Boldenone (Equipoise)

Injectable drug. Initially applied in veterinary medicine, then migrated to bodu


Strong oral steroid. It has progestin activity (like nadrolone).

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