Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping/ Nose Job Surgery)

The nose is positioned centrally in the face and gives a distinct identity to the individual. After the eyes, it is the most noticed facial feature. Any defects or deviations are immediately noticed. The golden ratio involved in the structure of the nose varies substantially with every racial subtype according to how the face is structured. For example, the Indian nose is distinctly different from other Asian noses. When the structure of a nose deviates from this, it alters the way the entire face is seen by others. This deviation could be congenital or due to some trauma or infectious causes. This not only compromises the function of the nose, but also leads to low self esteem and in some cases depression. The good news is that this can be surgically corrected.

Skill sets of a nose correction specialist

A competent nose correction (rhinoplasty) specialist should have good surgical skills, manual dexterity, and an eye for proportion and beauty, all of which rests on a good understanding of the structure of the nose, its cultural value, and its connection to the rest of the face. Only such a surgeon can bring about the best results. Even if one of these details is overlooked, the patient’s expectations and reality would be mismatched, leading to a compromised outcome. The average Indian nose is typically broad, smaller in size, and often lacks projection when compared to Western noses. It also has a wider base with rounded nostrils and nasal tip. All these factors have to be kept in mind when planning a nose correction surgery. A typical Western nose would not be usually suited for an Indian face, thus making such a correction unwise. Such a surgery would involve volume correction of the nose.

Dr. S.M Balaji

Dr. S. M. Balaji is an accomplished nose correction surgeon from Chennai, India, with more than 27 years of surgical experience who has over 10,000 successful nose correction surgeries to his credit. The surgeries performed by him range from the very simple ones such as nose hump reduction to the very difficult, which involve completely rebuilding the nose from near total absence of nasal bone and flesh, such as in cases of complex cleft lip and palate repair.

Surgery Types

Nose correction surgery can be broadly divided under the kind of nasal deformity that has been identified and needs to be corrected. Nasal deformities can be minor or major. Correction of nasal deformities, besides having a direct impact on the function of breathing, would also result in cosmetic correction of the nose. Therefore, nasal reconstructive surgery serves a dual purpose.

Cost of Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping/ Nose Job) Surgery

Cosmetic surgeries were once very costly affairs and were viewed as being only for the wealthy, affordable to only movie stars and celebrities. It has nowadays become affordable even to the common man. Cosmetic surgery for the nose always has an underlying element of deformity correction to it. Research has demonstrated that over 90% of the population has minor deformities of the nasal structures, both on the inside and the outside. Correction of these deformities would directly result in improved breathing and better quality of sleep for the individual.

Many people from abroad including the developed western countries have started coming to India for nose correction surgeries as the cost of healthcare in India is relatively cheap compared to other nations. The shape and size of the nose should be perfectly matched with the face in order to obtain the best possible results.

A few Rhinoplasty procedures that are routinely performed are listed below:

Bulky nose/Nose discoloration rhinoplasty

This procedure involves removing excess flesh from the nose to give it a sharper appearance that is better suited for the face. Parrot beak nose correction would also involve removal of excess tissue.

Flat Nose/Saddle Nose Correction

Inadequate nose bone height results in a flat nose. A rhinoplasty with placement of a bone graft will give the patient a sharp nose.

Nasal Tip/Nasal Hump Correction

Rhinoplasty for correction of these conditions involves reshaping of the nose with either removal or grafting of bone to obtain a perfect nose

Nasal Asymmetry Correction

A bent or crooked nose would best be treated by means of a rhinoplasty where the bone is straightened to correct the deviation in the nose. This would also result in dramatic improvement in snoring.

Trauma to the Nose

Rhinoplasty is performed to set right any fractures or dislocations involving the bones or the cartilage of the nose.

Cleft Lip/Palate Nasal Deformity Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is performed with utilization of cartilaginous or bone grafts along with realignment of soft tissues to fill all structural defects.

The reasons for undergoing a rhinoplasty can best be described as diverse and personal to each patient. A sculptor’s eye is a prerequisite for a good nose surgery specialist. The proportions of the nose should be perfectly synchronized with the proportions of the face in order to obtain the best possible results. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the best rhinoplasty surgeons are the artist’s of the medical world. The noses of many Hollywood and Bollywood stars are the results of a nose correction specialist’s work, which has been done to such perfection that nobody would even notice that a correction surgery has been performed on the nose.

Nose surgeries can range from simple to very difficult. They can be performed solely for improving the looks or for actual defects in the nose. They help cure problems like difficulty with breathing or excessive snoring caused by defects in the nose.

best example for a purely cosmetic nose surgery would be correction of parrot beak deformity. The individual undergoing surgery would basically have no functional difficulties due to the deformity. Functional nose repair would include reconstruction of deformities of the nose that would lead directly to improvement in the health of the individual undergoing the procedure.

A few of the cosmetic procedures routinely performed by Dr. S. M. Balaji, Nose Correction Specialist, are listed below:

Surgical correction of a crooked nose that resulted from an accident

Surgical correction of a crooked nose that resulted from an accident

This adolescent boy had a cycling accident as a preteen where he crashed into the door of a parked car that was suddenly opened as he was cycling to school.

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Nasal correction surgery of a nose that was leading to social anxiety...

Nasal correction surgery of a nose that was leading to social anxiety...

This young college student had always had apprehensions that her nose was not the best one for her face and this had lead to her isolating herself...

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Nose reduction surgery of a very broad nose

Nose reduction surgery of a very broad nose

This young lady had always felt that her nose was too broad for her face and marred her smile. This had played on her mind to the extent that it began to take a toll on her emotional health...

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Nasal bridge augmentation surgery on a nose that has a depressed bridge.

Nasal bridge augmentation surgery on a nose that has a depressed bridge.

This patient was born with a flat nose that had a depressed bridge. She felt that she had an insurmountable problem and had become depressed

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