Weigh the pros and cons

Every steroid is a powerful drug that affects the hormonal system. Any mistake can provoke serious consequences for the athlete’s health. Therefore, if you are not planning to take part in tournaments, you should think carefully whether it is worth using AAS at all.

Powerful courses do not always produce the desired results. In addition, anabolics have side effects, which are the main reason not to take them. Even experienced athletes, let alone beginners, should not be advised to exceed doses or prolong courses. It is easy enough to “kill” your endocrine system by taking incorrectly anabolic preparations, and it is very difficult, in some cases impossible, to restore it.

Stanozolol is a rather popular anabolic and androgenic drug derived from testosterone with some molecular modifications, which explain its unique effects on the athlete’s body. Stanozolol is predominantly called the tablet form, and the injectable form is called Winstrol. Athletes and bodybuilders elevate this drug to the third place in the ranking of anabolic substances, with the other places going to Testosterone and Trenbolone. It is also a great alternative to the expensive Anavar for many athletes, as stanozolol is priced much lower.

Product characteristics

The drug is characterized by strong anabolic and moderate androgenic qualities. Its half-life is short. Once in the bloodstream, the level of the substance rises quickly, but then decreases just as quickly. Main properties of Stanozolol 20 mg:

  • full-body drying out, adding relief to the muscles and a pronounced venous breakdown;
  • A slight increase in the quality of the muscles;
  • the burning of subcutaneous fat deposits;
  • increase in appetite;
  • Increase in strength and endurance potential;
  • decreased globulin levels;
  • Low androgenic effects on the female body.

The steroid is often used in weightlifting, even though it is a specific drug. It is also quite popular among bodybuilders and amateurs to keep their bodies in great shape. The substance causes practically no increase in muscle volume, but the muscles get a nice relief shape and venous streak.

Popular cycles of Winstrol Stanozolol 20 mg

The effective dosage is 3 tablets per day. The amount can vary from 2 to 5 tablets per day, according to individual body and training needs. It is better to take tablets twice a day before meals.

For beginners

As already mentioned, the steroid is not recommended for novice athletes. But if a decision is made to try its effects, the dosage should not exceed 30-40 mg per day. Beginner athletes are better off taking the drug in tablets, as injections require experience to administer. The duration of the course is 6-8 weeks. It is important to follow a special diet.

Mass-gaining course

Beginners taking Winstrol and Testosterone Propionate 50 mg every other day for the purpose of gaining mass. Experienced lifters add Oxandrolone to this combination in the same dosage. The course in each case is 6-8 weeks.

Even such cycles are effective: 50 mg of Metandienone and Winstrol every day, and also 200-600 mg of Deca during a week and 50 mg of Winstrol every day.

Drying Course

An effective combination is 50 mg of Visntrol + 100-300 mg of Primobolan. Stanazolol is injected every day. Primobolan once every 7 days or split the dose into 2-3 doses.

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