Dental Implant Cost in Chennai

Dental Implants in India

India has gained a reputation throughout the world for being one of the best destinations for quality dental implant treatment at a reasonable price. The cost of dental implants in India is influenced by various treatment parameters.

Dental Implants

No two implant procedures are the same since no two patients are the same; beginning from the individual requirements for each mouth to the particular expectations of each patient. The type of implant that would be ideal for a mouth with adequate bony support would differ from the implant that would be required for a mouth with insufficient bony support. Bone grafting might be required to raise the bone height in patients with insufficient bony support. This would directly impact the cost of implant placement. Another factor would be the choice of brand of the implant with some brands costing more than others; however, the long-term prognosis for implants that cost more is more favorable than for those that cost comparatively less.

Preimplant Diagnostics

Presurgical planning is an essential component of implant surgery. This involves a team of doctors who utilize various diagnostic studies like CBCT for treatment planning before implant surgery. Certain laboratory tests might also be needed to ensure that all parameters are normal for the patient to undergo implant surgery. It is only the bigger centers that offer all these facilities under a single roof for the patient. This would ensure that the patient is offered comprehensive care under one roof. This emphasis on the quality treatment being made available to every patient would mean that the quality of overall care is to the patient’s satisfaction. All these services would be inclusive of the overall cost to the patient.


The quality of equipment and the backup services available at the surgical center also influences the overall cost of implant treatment. When it comes to full mouth rehabilitation with the placement of many dental implants, it would require the infrastructure of a surgical hospital with operation theatre facilities to achieve this in a single session. Being able to achieve full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants in a single session with shorter recovery time and quicker rehabilitation would mean that the time required for the entire treatment to be completed would also be lesser, which would directly equate to a shorter period of stay for the patient.


The dentists the most important aspect of the treatment. A doctor who has received his training at the highest levels would definitely be better equipped to handle situations that arise during dental implant procedures. The experience of the doctor performing the implant surgery is also something that is very important. Optimal placement of the implant within the bone would result in lifelong retention of the implant within the bone. Precise surgical placement of the implant within the bone would become second nature to an experienced Implantologist.


A patient who comes for implant treatment might also need other treatments for any healthy teeth present in the mouth, which might include root canal treatment, crowns, composite fillings, teeth whitening, etc. All these treatments can be offered to the patient along with the placement of the implants.