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Rhinoplasty for cosmetic and functional deformity correction

Rhinoplasty is the surgical correction of nasal deformities or irregularities. The purpose of the surgery could be either functional or cosmetic correction. The nose is the most noticeable facial feature because of its location. All human noses have a small degree of asymmetry. This asymmetry is never noticed by others. Any asymmetry greater than this appears as a deformity. This degree of deformity is cosmetic alone only in a minority of cases. A degree of functional compromise is often seen in a majority of cases. The patients themselves might not be aware of this compromise in function. This makes rhinoplasty surgery essential for these patients.Rhinoplasty Surgery In India

Qualities that make the best rhinoplasty surgeons

The best rhinoplasty surgeons have a well-honed aesthetic sense. They know what would suit and best balance a patient’s face. For example, an Indian face is very different from a Chinese face. In the case of cosmetic correction alone, a particular nasal form might not suit every face. What suits one face might look out of place in another. A patient might want a particular nasal form, which might not suit their face. It might even create breathing problems for the patient. A western nose might not be right for an Indian face. The best rhinoplasty surgeons explain this to the patient. They make the patient understand this. Following this, they then produce a result that exceeds the patient’s expectations.

Functional benefits of rhinoplasty confirmed by long term studies

Research has shown that cosmetic nasal surgery also results in functional benefits. A patient with a crooked nose might have a deviated nasal septum. This could result in breathing difficulties. A patient with a flat nose could have a compressed nasal canal. This too could result in breathing difficulties. Thus, correction of these problems is not cosmetic alone. They also result in functional benefits to the patient. Sleep apnea and daytime somnolence can result from nasal deformities. Correction of the nasal deformity can result in relieving sleep apnea. This in turn leads to relief from daytime somnolence. Rhinoplasty can thus result in an increase in productivity and functionality.

Nasal deformity correction through rhinoplasty and its benefits

Rhinoplasty for deformity correction is a very specialized field. Infants born with cleft lip and palate often have severe nasal deformities. These deformities could cause serious breathing difficulties. The structure of the nose itself is abnormal in these cases. The number of children born with such deformities is very high in India. Some of these deformities could even be life-threatening. The best rhinoplasty surgeons in India specialize in the correction of such deformities.

The skill sets of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in India

Dr. SM Balaji is a rhinoplasty specialist with over 28 years of experience. He has performed over 5000 nasal deformity correction surgeries. His expertise has given a new lease of life for many with severe nasal deformities. He is a specialist in cosmetic nasal surgery. This not only ensures good cosmetic results but also ensures good functional results. Patients with breathing difficulties are able to breathe well again. He is also a world-renowned cleft lip-related nasal deformity correction specialist. His surgeries leave behind minimal scars, which completely fade away over time. He has many innovations to his credit that have become standard practice today.