Chennai Metro Rail

Ease of connectivity with Chennai Metro between the airport and our hospital

Chennai Metro Rail- Balaji Dental Hospital

Chennai Metro Rail Limited


The Chennai Metro is the latest and most modern rapid transit system in Chennai, India. It commenced service in 2015 and its network has been expanding since. Plans are afoot to cover the entire city by 2023-24.

Salient features of

the Chennai Metro

It is an ultramodern service built with the latest Japanese technology. Every safety feature incorporated in Metro’s worldwide feature in the Chennai Metro. Both subterranean and aerial routes feature in the Chennai Metro.

Balaji Dental and Craniofacial Hospital

Balaji Dental and Craniofacial Hospital, Chennai, is a premier multispecialty dental hospital. Located in one of the central business districts of the city, it can be easily reached from any part of the city.

From Chennai airport to our hospital

The best way to reach the hospital from the airport is through the Metro. Walkalators offer direct connectivity between the Metro airport hub and Chennai Airport. The Metro takes around 18 minutes to cover the distance of 14 kms from the airport to our hospital.

As per patient’s request, staff from the hospital will receive the patient at the airport. They will then guide the patient to the Metro station and bring the patient to the hospital.

Patients disembarking at the airport will have to take the Blueline Metro to reach the Teynampet hub of the Metro, which is within 5 minutes walking distance from our hospital.

For those disembarking at Chennai Central Railway Station or Chennai Egmore Railway Station, they will have to take the Greenline Metro up to the Alandur hub of the Metro. They will have to change over from the Greenline Metro to the Blueline Metro at the Alandur hub to reach the Teynampet hub of the Metro.

Cost of various modes of transport

from airport to our hospital

The following section provides you with the rates charged by different transport modes. The rates are from Chennai Airport to our hospital in Teynampet, Chennai.

1. Metro Rail

Indian Rupees 40.00
American Dollar 0.59
Euro 0.51
Singapore Dollar 0.79
British Pounds 0.45

Metro Rail timings are from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
On Sundays, timing is from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

2. Call taxi services

There are a handful of call taxi services available in the city today. Most of them charge more or less similar rates. Rates may vary according to the time of the day. Rates will be higher during peak hour traffic and will be less during nighttime.

Approximate charges may vary from INR 140 to INR 250.

Indian Rupees 140-250
American Dollar 2.06-3.69
Euro 1.79-3.19
Singapore Dollar 2.78-4.96
British Pound 1.59-2.78

3. Prepaid taxi services

Certain cab providers offer prepaid services at the airport. You need to go to the prepaid counters, which are at the exit. You need to state your destination address and the type of car you wish to travel in. Available options are sedans and hatchbacks. Hatchbacks are cheaper to hire than sedans. They offer less luggage space compared to sedans. You need to pay the fixed fare at that counter. Two bills are then handed to you. You need to submit one to the counter outside the exit. They will fix for a driver to pick you up at the exit point. You need to only tip the driver and not pay anything else after he drops you. The driver is only paid later when he submits his copy of the bill. Prepaid services are more expensive. They will cost you quite a bit more than what the other taxis charge.

Indian Rupees 350-400
American Dollar 5.16-5.90
Euro 4.46-5.10
Singapore Dollar 6.95-7.94
British Pound 3.88-4.44

Chennai Airport To Balaji Dental And Craniofacial Hospital