Face Reconstruction Surgery


Facial deformity can either be a birth defect or acquired as a result of disease or trauma. A cleft lip and palate is among the most common facial birth defect. Besides difficulties in eating and breathing, there may be huge psychological effects due to the different appearance. Facial cleft treatments are complex and involve multiple surgeries at different stages of growth.

Diseases and conditions including tumors cause facial deformities. Resection of tumors leaves patients with facial cosmetic & functional defects. In its management, the face must be considered a whole to achieve optimum surgical success.

Tessier Cleft Deformity-Before Surgery

Tessier cleft deformity-before surgery

After Cleft Lip And Palate Surgery

After cleft lip and palate surgery

Child At 18 Months Of Age With Tumour In Upper And Lower Jaw

Child at 18 months of age with tumour in upper and lower jaw

The Child A Few Months After Jaw Tumor Removal

The child a few months after jaw tumor removal

Accidental injuries to the face are very common with a significant number causing permanent physical or psychological disability. Injuries are most commonly due to vehicular accidents. Maxillofacial surgery is directed towards management of injuries to the facial bones and soft tissues, improving appearance and to minimize facial abnormality & scarring.

Facial flaws can affect self-confidence. Facial reconstructive surgery helps to rebuild a person’s face also restoring his psychological well being.

Accomplished Facio-Maxillary Dr. S.M. Balaji has extensive training and experience in facial reconstructive surgery involving soft tissues and bones of the face to establish harmony between facial appearance and function.