Young boy presents with fibrous dysplasia

This young boy is from Nellore. He has the diagnosis of fibrous dysplasia. Fibrous dysplasia is a disorder of the bone where fibrous tissue develops in place of bone. This weakens bone and can lead to fractures. The patient has this swelling straddling his nose and extending on both sides. His parents brought him to our hospital for reduction of the fibrous tissue. A local dentist referred them here for cosmetic surgery.

Patient examined and treatment plan explained in detail

Dr SM Balaji examined the patient and ordered radiographic studies. Diagnosis was confirmed as fibrous dysplasia. He explained the treatment planning to the parents who agreed to the surgery.

Surgery for fibrous dysplasia done with good esthetic results

A vestibular incision was first made in the anterior maxillary region. Dissection was then done down to the fibrous tissue overlying the nasal region. The fibrous tissue was burred and trimmed until attaining normal facial anatomy. Incision was then closed with sutures. The patient and his parents expressed their satisfaction before final discharge.