Redo, Rejaw surgery – Revision Genioplasty

Redo, Rejaw surgery – Revision Genioplasty

Role of the Chin in Defining and Enhancing the Overall Facial Structure

The chin is a very important part of the face. It gives a definition to the lower half of the facial structure. Sex determines the structures of the chin. Males have prominent chins while females have a more delicate chin.

A weak chin in males leads to a feminine appearance. The opposite holds true for the opposite sex. A prominent chin can lead to a masculine appearance in females. Everyone gives a lot of importance to the shape and form of their chin. The chin also plays an integral role in facelift surgery.

Chin implants are used to often augment the chin for patients with weak chins. This can either be through autografts or through customized allografts. Autografts offer very good results as they are harvested from the patient.

Specialties Offering Cosmetic Chin Surgery in India

Facial cosmetic surgeons perform cosmetic chin surgery in India. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are considered to be the ideal facial cosmetic surgeons. Chin augmentation surgery is performed to give a stronger chin. Reduction genioplasty, which is also known as chin reduction surgery helps reduce the prominence of the chin.

Preferred Medical Tourism Destination for Facial Plastic Surgery

India has become a preferred destination for medical tourism regarding facial plastic surgery. The facilities available here are on par with the best in the world. The cost of facial cosmetic surgery in India is also just a fraction of what it is in developed Western nations. The good results allied with the cost of facial plastic surgery in India, automatically make it an ideal destination.

Selecting the Ideal Hospital for Cosmetic Chin Surgery in India

Cosmetic chin surgery in India is offered by select oral and maxillofacial surgeons. The best results for cosmetic chin surgery in India are obtained by experienced surgeons. Hospitals offering chin augmentation surgery in India and chin reduction surgery in India are staffed by experienced oral surgeons.

The economical cost of facial cosmetic surgery in India is very affordable. Thus, the affordable cost of facial plastic surgery in India sees many international patients come here for surgery. Results from cosmetic chin surgery in India are comparable to the exclusive surgical centers in the West.

Leading Hospital for Cosmetic Chin Surgery in India

Our hospital is amongst the best centers for cosmetic chin surgery in India. We offer world-class service allied with the affordable cost of facial cosmetic surgery in India. Eyelid surgery is also a specialty surgery performed in our hospital. Surgery follows minimally invasive protocol with small incisions.

We are located in Chennai, which is the capital city of Tamil Nadu, India. Chennai is considered to be the healthcare capital of India. Healthcare in Chennai is comparable to international destinations in Western nations. We have state of art hospitals, which offer cutting-edge technology.

Results for chin augmentation surgery and chin reduction surgery are amongst the best in the world. Glowing testimonials provided by our patients attest to the highest standards followed at our hospital.

Facial Cosmetic Surgeon in India with Experience and Expertise

Dr. SM Balaji, the facial cosmetic surgeon, is a trend-setting facial cosmetic surgeon in India. He is credited with many innovations in facial plastic surgery, which are standard surgical protocols around the world today. International patients from around the world flock to our hospital for facial cosmetic surgery.

Surgery procedures performed in our hospital follow the strictest of international protocols. We pay utmost importance to patient safety.

Our hospital follows the most stringent standards to ensure that we are a completely COVID-free hospital. We have laid down protocols that ensure that we are a fully COVID-free hospital. The latest safety equipment has been installed in our hospital. This ensures that we remain a COVID-free hospital.

Patient Undergoes Chin Augmentation Surgery in her Hometown

The patient is a young female from Ludhiana in Punjab, India. She had a very feminine and delicate chin, which enhanced the overall appearance of her face. However, she had always desired a more prominent chin, feeling that it would enhance her facial esthetics. Having discussed this with her parents, she presented at a local hospital in her hometown.

Dissatisfaction with the Results of her Chin Augmentation Surgery

She had undergone chin augmentation surgery, which had resulted in a less than ideal facial appearance. It had altered her entire facial appearance along with distorting the appearance of her lower lip. She had soon started feeling depressed because of this. Her worried parents took her to a renowned facial plastic surgery hospital in a nearby city.

She stated that she desired to regain her previous facial features and wanted a reversal of the chin augmentation surgery. The doctor at the hospital realized that this needed to be performed by a surgeon experienced in facial cosmetic surgery. They had then been referred to our hospital for management of her condition.

Initial Presentation at our Hospital for Reversal of her Chin Surgery

Dr SM Balaji, facial plastic surgeon, examined her and obtained detailed imaging studies. This revealed plates in her upper and lower jaws from an old surgery. It also revealed the chin augmentation, which was held in place with plates. The revision genioplasty was explained to her and she consented to surgery.

Successful Chin Reduction Surgery with Reversal of Chin Augmentation Surgery

The plates from her upper and lower jaws from the old surgery were first removed. Attention was next turned to the revision genioplasty. The plates holding her augmented chin were removed. Granulation tissue from the surgical site was debrided and the chin was repositioned in its previous position.

New plates and screws were then utilized to stabilize the chin in its original position. All incisions were then closed with sutures. She regained her presurgical facial appearance from before the failed augmentation surgery.

Total Patient Satisfaction from the Reversal of her Chin Augmentation Surgery

The patient and her parents were extremely happy with the results of the surgery. She was extremely thankful to the surgical team for having restored her facial esthetics. They expressed their complete satisfaction with the level of care at our hospital before discharge.

Surgery Video

How to Choose the Best Jaw Surgery Hospital in India

How to Choose the Best Jaw Surgery Hospital in India

How to Choose the Best Jaw Surgery Hospital in IndiaNew

India Becomes the Destination of Choice for Medical Tourism

Medical infrastructure has always been very robust in India. It has been the destination of choice for many from around the world for medical tourism for over two decades now. There are many factors that have played a role in establishing India’s reputation as the preferred choice for people opting for medical tourism.

Importance paid to Self Reliance in the Healthcare Sector

India has developed the best educational system for training doctors compared to most countries in the world. This has led to the development of medical infrastructure in the nation that rivals the very best in the world. It has the unique distinction of offering world-class treatment at a fraction of the cost at which it is available in the developed nations.

Many checks and balances have been put in place to ensure that the quality of care available in private hospitals is of the highest standard. Certification by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) is provided to hospitals that meet the rigorous standards set for excellence in healthcare.

Another advantage enjoyed by India is regarding language. English is widely spoken around India. Patients who opt for medical tourism in India do not face communication difficulties like in other parts of the world like Korea, China, Japan, etc.

Excellence in the Field of Cosmetic Surgery

The surgical superspecialty of facial cosmetic surgery has seen a surge of patients coming to India from all around the globe. Our hospital is the preferred destination for patients seeking the best jaw surgery hospital in India. We have performed corrective jaw surgery for over 30 years now with over 10000 patients being benefitted by surgery at the best jaw surgery hospital in India.

Advantages of Undergoing Surgery at the Best Jaw Surgery Hospital in India

Jaw plastic surgery cost in India is just a fraction of what it costs in the more developed nations in the world. The infrastructure in our hospital is equal to the best in the world with two fully equipped ultramodern operating theatres. Dr. SM Balaji is often hailed as the best jaw surgeon in India. He has provided consistent surgical excellence for our hospital to be considered the best jaw surgery hospital in India.

Our specially trained staff ably assist him and provide patient care that is second to none. We also offer the most hospitable experience for patients during their stay in the hospital. Interpreters are provided for patients who face language barriers. This ensures that they have the best possible experience during their stay in our hospital for corrective jaw surgery and other such procedures.

Specialty Surgical Procedures Performed in our Hospital

Our hospital is a comprehensive surgical center for corrective jaw surgery in India. We specialize in every surgical procedure that is required for the correction of jaw deformities. Facial asymmetry surgery for correction of jaw deformities has seen many patients being rehabilitated to a life of complete normalcy.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons, orthognathic surgeons, and plastic surgeons can all be considered cosmetic surgeons. Allied with orthodontic treatment, they aid in the correction of open bite, sleep apnea and long-term follow-up for their patients. They perform upper jaw correction through orthognathic surgery as well as osteotomy procedures.

Our hospital is a superspecialty center for distraction osteogenesis in India. Correction of maxillary and mandibular deformities is achieved through internal distraction osteogenesis. We were one of the pioneers of distraction osteogenesis of the jaws in India. Complex jaw deformities usually result in not only cosmetic compromise but also functional compromise for the patient.

Jaw reconstruction surgery is another specialty procedure, which addresses a wide variety of problems for the patient. There are many pathological conditions of the jaws that can result in the destruction of the bony tissue of the jaws. These include dentigerous cyst, odontogenic keratocyst, ameloblastoma and a variety of cancers that affect the bone

Deformities of the TMJ are extremely debilitating for the patient and can result in a seriously compromised quality of life for the patient. This can include chronic dislocation of the joint, ankylosis of the joint, destruction of the jaw joint due to various pathological processes and trauma. Our hospital is a specialty center for TMJ reconstruction surgery in India.

Our hospital is also a research center for the advancement of jaw surgery in India. Many surgical innovations in corrective jaw surgery have originated from the research studies performed in our hospital. The work done in our hospital has won many accolades and awards around the world.

Pediatric jaw surgery performed for the correction of deformities and abnormalities has rehabilitated the scores of children in our hospital. We have over 25 years of experience in corrective jaw surgery in children. There is a dedicated team of medical and paramedical staff in our hospital who have extensive experience in handling all varieties of jaw deformities seen in children.

We were one of the pioneers in establishing medical tourism for the best jaw plastic surgery in India. Patients from all over the world including from the developed Western nations come to our hospital for reconstructive jaw surgery. Our hospital has tie-ups with many international hospitals around the world and acts as a tertiary referral center for specialized jaw surgery.

Being the best jaw surgery hospital in India allied with economical jaw plastic surgery cost in India is a hard-earned reputation. Also delivering seamless world-class specialty surgical care ensures that we are a destination of choice for patients who wish to undergo jaw surgery in India.