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Surgeries performed by facial reconstructive surgeons in India

Facial disfigurements can be devastating. Everyone sees the face first. The human face is never symmetrical. There is a slight degree of asymmetry in each face. This asymmetry though is not noticeable. It is only when the asymmetry can be spotted at first glance does it become a problem. This asymmetry can either be congenital or acquired later on in life. Trauma and diseases are the most common causes of acquired facial deformity. Trauma from accidents and burns can leave scars that disfigure the face. It can result in facial disfigurement that involves only the soft tissues or the bone. The most difficult surgeries involve correction of both soft and hard tissue disfigurement. This kind of reconstructive surgery requires an artist’s eye for the surgeon. Repair of the bony deformities can be through two approaches. First requires addition of bone using bone grafts. Second involves reduction of bone through remodeling.

Qualities of the best facial reconstructive surgeons in India

The best facial reconstructive surgeons envision the whole surgery beforehand. They have a sculptor’s eye for definition and beauty. When the correction involves both hard and soft tissue, There is very little margin for error. Experience plays a very important role in developing this skill.

Complicated diseases requiring facial reconstructive surgery

Conditions like Parry-Romberg syndrome lead to progressive facial asymmetry. There is underdevelopment of the face on one side. This involves both the muscles and the bone. There is also an element of facial paralysis in this syndrome. A facial reconstructive surgeon uses bone grafts to bring about facial symmetry.

Best Facial Reconstructive Surgeon In IndiaFacial reconstructive surgery through rhinoplasty

Nasal deformity correction is through rhinoplasty. The best facial reconstructive surgeons use bone and cartilaginous grafts for reconstruction. The absolute number of these cases is high in India due to the population count. The best facial reconstructive surgery brings about both functional and cosmetic improvement.

Ear deformities addressed through facial reconstructive surgery

Ear deformities can likewise be congenital or acquired. Conditions like microtia are congenital and need reconstructive surgery. The best facial reconstructive surgeons use cartilaginous grafts for this purpose. Ear symmetry restores balance back to the face. This is a three stage surgery. The three stages involve harvesting of graft, insertion of graft and lifting of the pinna. Acquired ear deformities could be due to trauma or infection.

Cosmetic facial reconstructive surgery

Facial reconstruction surgery can also be for cosmetic reasons. A patient might not like some particular aspect of their face. Chin reduction surgery and lip reduction surgery come in this category. Chin enhancement through the use of implants gives a more prominent chin. Frontal bone reshaping also come under this category. Facial feminization surgery involves reduction of the angle of the mandible. Masseter muscle hypertrophy is also addressed through such surgeries.

The best facial reconstructive surgeries performed in India

Dr SM Balaji is a facial reconstructive surgeon of high repute. He has his own hospital in Chennai, India. His surgical expertise covers a wide variety of such surgeries. He is a member in many specialized organizations around the world. One such organization is the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). He is also a trauma care specialist who transforms faces disfigured by trauma. Post cancer facial reconstruction is another field he specializes in. Patients who have had their faces ravaged by cancer go back with transformed faces and lives. Our hospital is thus a one stop shop for all the best facial reconstructive surgeries in India