Jaw Joint Surgery and Scar Revision for Facial Asymmetry Correction

A 7-year-old girl from Hubbali, Karnataka, India had grade III hemifacial microsomia and macrostomia when she was born, which made it hard for her left lower jaw to grow. Important parts like the ramus, condyle, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) didn’t grow properly because of the condition.

The Result: An uneven face and problems with function

This disease made the face look uneven and made it hard to eat and talk. The way she looked made her feel bad about her self-esteem. Several surgeries, including ones to fix macrostomia, were done to fix these problems.

Problems that cause depression

The surgery to fix her macrostomia worked, but it left a big scar on the left side of her face near the mouth commissure. This physical memory made me feel sad and brought down my self-esteem.

How to Understand Keloid Scars and TMJ Disorders

Keloid scars are known for getting bigger over time, which means they need to be removed using certain methods. It’s important to remember that TMJ disorders can have a big effect on face symmetry, which is a very noticeable part of how someone looks. Scars of different kinds can show up on the face.

Techniques for Removing Scars on the Face

In facial scar revision surgery, plastic surgeons use modern techniques, such as tissue expansion of the surrounding skin, to get great long-term effects.

The Choice: Surgery on the jaw joint and correction of facial imbalance

In order to deal with these problems, the patient’s parents set out to find the best medical centre for fixing the patient’s uneven face and fixing the scars. For the repair of the TMJ, surgery on the jaw joint was also needed.

The Choice: A Top Centre for Fixing Facial Asymmetry

The family found our hospital, which is a well-known centre for facial plastic surgery, after doing a lot of study and talking to doctors and nurses. We are experts at treating face burns, getting rid of facial scars, and performing specialised jaw reconstruction surgery.

Rib bone grafts are the gold standard.

Rib bone grafts are used at our hospital because they are thought to be the best type of bone graft. With this method, you don’t have to worry about the ugly scars that come with grafts taken from long bones.

A centre for craniofacial surgery that has won awards

We are happy to be the regional branch of the World Craniofacial Foundation (WorldCF), which is based in the United States and is a superspecialty centre for craniofacial surgery. People from all over the world come to our centre to get better.

Cutting-edge skills and technology

To get the best results, we use both cutting-edge technology and the newest surgery methods. Sonic welds cut down on the number of second surgeries that need to be done. Our cutting-edge operating rooms are equipped with the newest technologies.

How to Get Through the COVID Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused a global health disaster, our hospital quickly changed to follow WHO and CDC guidelines. Getting the COVID safe approval was a big step towards making people more aware.

How to Succeed: Surgery to Remove the Scars from Macrostomia

A bone and a costal rib graft, complete with an entire perichondrium, were used in a very well planned treatment. The perichondrium was very important in rebuilding the jaw joint that wasn’t there.

Surgery on the jaw joint went well, and the scars were healed.

The costal rib graft was used to successfully repair the patient’s jaw joint, resulting in a functional TMJ. The bone graft was also used to rebuild the left lower jaw that wasn’t growing properly. Carefully done scar correction surgery made sure that few scars would form.

Fixing the Asymmetry of the Face

After the surgery, there were big changes in the unevenness of the face. Surgery on the jaw joint fixed the problem so that the lower jaw could move properly again, and surgery to fix scars made the face look better.

A Better Tomorrow

This all-around method rebuilt the anatomy of a left temporomandibular joint. Bone grafts helped restore face balance, which will allow the patient’s jaw to grow normally as they continue to grow.

In conclusion, surgery on the jaw joint and revision of scars have not only fixed uneven face features but also made it possible for better function and appearance. Getting the right care and treatment is the first step towards a better future.