Prof SM Balaji invited to Apollo Cancer Institute for SCYLIMIT interactive session

The Department of Neurosurgery, Apollo Cancer Institute, Chennai invited Prof SM Balaji. This was for an interactive session on the SCYLIMIT system. The SCYLIMIT system is the brainchild of eminent neurosurgeon, Dr. Takeyoshi Shimoji. He is from Yamanishi, Japan. The Apollo Department of Telemedicine organized this session. Dr. Shimoji is a renowned trigonocephaly expert. He developed the SCYLIMIT system to detect and treat mild trigonocephaly. This was through cranioplasty surgery.

Treatment of Mild Trigonocephaly with SCYLIMIT system

Mild trigonocephaly results in increased intracranial pressure. This leads to many symptoms. These include language delay, hyperactivity, autistic tendencies, self mutilation and motor delays. The SCYLIMIT system causes no residual morbidity. It results in manifold improvement in the quality of life of the affected patients. There is also no residual postsurgical morbidity. Many doctors attended the session. They included eminent neurosurgeons Dr. Balamurugan and Dr. Samuel J K Abraham.