This is a 32-year-old man from Palakkad. He complained of severe pain and swelling in his lower jaw. He also complained of difficulty opening his mouth and chewing food. He has been suffering from this condition for about four years now. He searched the Internet for the best jaw correction surgeon. His search led him straight to our hospital.
Dr SM Balaji examined the patient. He recommended comprehensive testing for the patient. Clinical, radiological and histopathological examinations were then performed. This led to the diagnosis of an odontogenic keratocyst. There was complete obliteration of the mandibular body.
Treatment plan included complete cyst resection and reconstruction of the lower jaw. This would be by utilizing costochondral grafts. The affected area of the lower jaw was then removed. This was along with the involved tooth to ensure zero recurrence. The costochondral rib grafts were then used to reconstruct the lower jaw. Titanium screws and plates helped achieve stable fixation of the grafts . The patient was very happy with the outcome of the surgery. There was no scar as all incisions were intraoral.