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Unilateral Cleft Maxillary (Upper jaw) advancement. LeFort I Osteotomy with Dental Implant Surgery

The patient is a young woman who had been born with a unilateral right sided cleft lip and palate. She had undergone cleft lip repair as a 2-month infant at Balaji Dental and Craniofacial Hospital. Second surgery was for repair of cleft palate. Stage 3 surgery involved the placement of a bone graft for closure of her alveolar bone cleft. The patient now presents for a LeFort I osteotomy for advancement of her retruded maxilla and for placement of implants for replacement of her missing maxillary teeth. An implant was first placed for replacement of her right maxillary canine. This was then followed by placement of an implant for replacement of her missing first molar.

Attention was next turned towards the LeFort I osteotomy of her maxilla. A gingival mucoperiosteal flap was first raised up to the buccal sulcus. A LeFort I osteotomy was then performed. The entire maxilla was then advanced by 2-3 mm. This resulted in establishment of a Class I occlusion along with correction of her anterior crossbite. The maxillary segment was then stabilized in position with the use of three plates with four screws to each plate. This would aid in stability of her plates during the healing period. Her occlusion was then checked and the teeth were found to be in perfect alignment. The flap was then sutured in place. She recovered well from general anesthesia and was in stable condition.

The patient was very happy with the results of the surgery and expressed the same to Dr SM Balaji.
Surgery Video

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!

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