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Crouzon (pronounced “krooz-on”) syndrome is a genetic condition presenting with cranial and facial deformities. In this condition, premature fusion of the skull bones prevents the skull from growing normally and affects the shape of the head and face. The forehead appears flattened, eye sockets are shallow making the eyes appear to bulge out and the upper jaw and middle of the face appears sunken in with a compressed nasal passage. Subsequently the lower jaw appears protruding. Early surgical correction is the best treatment.

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The ideal treatment involves a very challenging, complex surgical technique called Le Fort III surgery. Dr. S.M. Balaji is among the few elite craniofacial surgeons to have successfully performed numerous such surgeries. In this surgery, bones of upper and middle parts of the face are brought forward. This subsequently corrects the bulging eyes making them appear less protruding.

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For the first time a complex facial deformity, in an Iraqi boy born with Crouzon syndrome was successfully treated.

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Crouzon syndrome is a rare, autosomal dominant, genetically inherited condition in which there is premature fusion of the facial bones causing abnormal development of the skull and an obvious facial deformity. In addition, the growth and function of vital structures such as eye, ear and nose could be affected. The condition approximately occurs in 16 babies per million newborn.

Mast. Mustafa Awad, of Iraq was diagnosed with Crouzon Syndrome. His parents are General Physicians practicing in Iraq. The 14-yr-old boy had an abnormally shaped skull & face. His eye sockets were shallow causing the eyes to appear very bulging. He had a small upper jaw, sunken midface and protruding lower jaw. Also he had difficulty in chewing, swallowing, speaking & breathing difficulties during sleep. Due to his “different” appearance, children at his school used to stare at him a lot, making him very self-conscious and depressed.

Dr. Salam Awad, Mustafa’s father, approached many doctors worldwide but was not satisfied with their treatment plans. After meeting Craniofacial Surgeon Dr. S.M. Balaji at Chennai based Balaji Dental and Craniofacial Hospital, he was convinced that this was the best centre to get his son treated. Dr. Balaji assessed the boy’s deformity using advanced 3DCT scan and decided to perform the latest Internal Distraction Osteogenesis to advance the face bones.