Multiple Fractures

Multiple fractures

In cases of serious trauma to the face, there may be multiple fractures of the facial bones. Commonly fractured bones may involve that of the forehead, cheek, nose and lower jaw. These fractures if not treated effectively have the potential to lead to long-term deformities of the face.

We use 3D Cone Beam CT scan reconstructions, the latest revolutionary cutting edge technology in maxillofacial imaging, for diagnostic support and advanced planning in cases of fractures of the face. This technology enables fast, easy and quick visualization of craniofacial structures with unparalleled precision. These advanced modalities help in complete and successful rehabilitation of trauma and injuries.

Facial Trauma Care In India

Patients who seek our expert care not only include those who come to us first hand but also those who sought treatment elsewhere & were not satisfied with surgery outcome both on the esthetic and functional fields. Dr. Balaji’s adeptness at trauma care management and facial fractures has seen success even in exceptionally difficult and complex cases.

Shown here are photographs of a patient who sustained multiple fractures of the lower jaw in an accident. After evaluation using digital X-rays, the fractured bone segments were fixed with bone plates.

Incorrect Contact Between Upper And Lower Teeth Due To Multiple Fractures

Incorrect contact between upper and lower teeth due to multiple fractures

X-Ray Showing Multiple Fractures Of Lower Jaw And Jaw Joint (Tmj)

X-ray showing multiple fractures of lower jaw and jaw joint (TMJ)

Right Side Lower Jaw Fracture Reduced And Fixed With Miniplate

Right side lower jaw fracture reduced and fixed with miniplate

Jaw Joint (Tmj) Fracture Fixed With L Plate

Jaw joint (TMJ) fracture fixed with L plate

Bite Corrected After Surgery

Bite corrected after surgery

After Surgery, X-Ray Showing Fixation Of Fracture Fragments

After surgery, X-ray showing fixation of fracture fragments