Painless Extraction


The word ‘tooth removal’ and the word ‘injection’ automatically evoke a painful response from the parents and child – owing to fear of pain. Most of the children will not cooperate for local anesthetic injection. For a successful dental procedure, Pain control is very important. Once the child feels pain or discomfort at the start or during any dental treatment, it is very difficult to bring happy smile on the face. Winning the trust and confidence of the children is an art that our Child dental team excels in.

Our painless local anesthesia injection administration protocol indicates that there would only be a minimal or no pain in the oral cavity during the administration of injections. This painless injection will provide good technique, eliminate stress, fear and anxiety.

The extraction is indicated when the tooth cannot be saved. After the milk tooth extraction, no need to worry about the permanent tooth. It will erupt at particular age. It depends upon the age and conditions of the tooth. If we remove the tooth earlier due to decay which cannot be saved, we will give space maintainer to maintain the space for permanent tooth eruption.