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Aesthetics has become an important aspect of dentistry over the past few years. It has led to the development of new materials and techniques.

Everybody wish to create their own visual style. They want to be unique and yet identifiable among the crowd. The expression of individualism through tooth jewelry has gained importance. The younger generation follows their self-made rules to look fashionable.

Adolescence is a period of tremendous transformation in the body and mind. The child’s transformation to a teenager becomes a means of communication. It also serves as a language to express self-individualism.

Body art referring to wearing of jewellery at unconventional sites is becoming popular. Body art is one such way of self-expression. Tooth jewellery has become a sign of increasing the standard of living in the society.

It’s becoming quite common to find people who wish to improve their smile with the help of jewellery. Certain people despite having a well aligned sparkling white teeth request for tooth jewellery.

These cosmetic procedures are done under a sterile environment and by professionals. Professional products are used which will not react to the body. They will not cause any adverse effect to the tooth structure to which it is being attached.

The dental jewellery needs to be pre-treated. It is bonded to the tooth in a way that it does not debond or come off the position it is placed. A strict protocol is followed by our dental team. We ensure zero compromisation of the tooth structure, thereby maintaining a sparkling smile.