Best Dental Implant Clinic in India

Best Dental Implant Clinic in India

Difficulties Arising from Premature Loss of Teeth

Premature loss of teeth has always plagued mankind since the ages past with the most common cause being dental caries. Other causes include trauma, congenital absence, etc. When it is an anterior tooth, it leads to compromise in esthetics while a posterior tooth like a molar always leads to compromised ability to chew food.

Mankind has always sought ways to replace these lost teeth. Various methods have been utilized by modern dentistry. They included removable partial dentures, crowns, full dentures, etc. However, all of these have their inherent disadvantages and can never be considered to be actual replacements for the lost tooth/teeth.

Disadvantages Associated with Conventional Modalities of Tooth Replacement

They lack the tactile feel afforded by natural teeth, are structurally weaker, can be dislodged while talking or eating or lead to secondary caries of adjacent teeth. The advent of dental implants opened up new horizons in dentistry.

Rehabilitation with dental implants is like creating a replica of natural teeth and this provides optimal esthetic and functional replacement for the patient.

Dr. Per-Ingvar Branemark was involved in scientific research, which included the placement of titanium implants in the femur of rabbits. He noticed that the titanium implants completely fused with the bone over a period of several months and became indistinguishable from the bone. This observation led to the development of dental implants by Dr. Branemark.

What is Dental Implant and what are its Advantages?

Dental implants are titanium posts that are fixed in the alveolar bone at the site of lost teeth. They mimic the structure of the roots inside the alveolar bone. The titanium completely fuses with the surrounding bone in a process known as osseointegration. This imparts them with strength that is equal to that of natural teeth.

Dental implants require the same kind of care that is given to natural teeth. Patients who have received dental implants should maintain scrupulous oral hygiene. Dental implants last a lifetime when the patient meticulously follows all the instructions provided by the surgeon.

The Field of Dental Implantology in India

Our hospital is a pioneering center for dental implant surgery in India. We are considered to be the best dental implant clinic in India by various organizations that are associated with the field of Implantology. We have placed over 50000 dental implants over a period of 25 years with satisfied patients from all around the world.

A center has to offer complete rehabilitation using dental implants to be considered as the best dental implant clinic in India. We are a certified specialty center for dental implant surgery in India. Every step of rehabilitation with dental implants is addressed in-house for complete patient satisfaction. Dr. SM Balaji is considered to be the best dental implant surgeon in India in view of his extensive experience of over 25 years with dental implants.

We offer placement of implants both under local anesthesia as well as extensive full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants under general anesthesia. Loading protocols are optimum for the premium dental implants used in our hospital.

Preoperative Preparations Required for Placement of Dental Implants

A thorough medical history is obtained before the placement of dental implants. Patients with diabetes and hypertension should have normal blood sugar levels and blood pressure readings before undergoing dental implant surgery. Preoperative antibiotics are prescribed for patients with artificial heart valves and prosthetic joints.

In the case of patients undergoing dental implant surgery under general anesthesia, they need to be admitted to the hospital and should abstain from food intake for eight hours prior to surgery.

Placement of Dental Implants under General Anesthesia

We offer full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants, utilizing general anesthesia for the placement of multiple implants in both jaws in a single surgical procedure. Patients who have been edentulous for a long duration usually lack a good bony foundation due to resorption of the alveolar bone.

Various surgical procedures are performed for increasing the height of the jawbone where there is excessive resorption due to long-standing absence of teeth.

Sinus Lift Surgery for Increasing Height of Alveolar Bone in Upper Jaw

The jaw bone is lost to the greatest degree in the posterior region of the upper jaw. Our hospital is a specialty center for sinus lift surgery. This procedure involves creating a bony window in the side of the upper jaw. Access is gained into the sinus floor region.

The Schneiderian sinus membrane lining the maxillary sinus is gently lifted and the resultant space is filled with a suitable bone graft material. The amount of bone lost is clearly accessed at this stage. A larger bony foundation increases the number of masticatory forces that can be withstood by the implants.

This is followed by the placement of a single tooth or multiple dental implants, which successfully undergo osseointegration in four months. Dental crowns that are perfectly shade-matched to the patient’s natural teeth are then fixed to the dental implants. We are considered to be the best dental clinic in India for this specialty procedure.

Utilization of Bone Grafts to Augment Alveolar Bone

Bone grafts harvested from the patient are also used to augment atrophic maxillary bone that has undergone resorption. This is usually harvested from the patient’s rib region. They are fixed to the alveolar bone using titanium screws.

A period of 4-6 months is allowed to elapse for consolidation of the bone grafts with the underlying alveolar bone. Dental implants are then placed on this consolidated bone followed by crowns in four months after osseointegration of the implants.


All-on-4 and All-on-6 Dental Implants

Only four implants are used in each jaw to rehabilitate completely edentulous patients in the All-on-4 implant system. Six implants are used in each jaw for the All-on-6 implant system. The implants that are placed in the anterior jaw are placed vertically while the posterior implants are placed in a tilted position.

Placement of Zygoma Implants directly in the Zygomatic Bone

This is a highly specialized complex implant surgery. It involves the placement of an extra-long posterior implant directly into the zygomatic bone when upper posterior alveolar bone height is greatly reduced. Zygoma implants are the perfect method to rehabilitate patients who have suffered extreme bone loss in the maxillary posterior region due to early tooth loss.

Patients who do not want to undergo the additional surgery of bone grafting opt for this procedure. Our hospital is considered to be the best dental implant clinic in India for the placement of zygoma implants. These implants are able to withstand high occlusal forces and last a lifetime.

Complete Patient Satisfaction with Treatment with Dental Implants

We are the best dental implant clinic in India and offer a wide variety of treatments with dental implants. Patients are advised regarding the best treatment plan for optimal results and a lifetime of service from their dental implant surgery.

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!