Broad Nose Repair

Broad nose deformity correction through rhinoplasty surgery

A broad nose deformity occurs when the nose appears very wide for the face. This can occur from a combination of two factors. One is a depressed bridge of the nose and the other is broad fleshy nostrils. There is a component of a flat nose deformity to a broad nose deformity. Broad nose correction surgery needs to address both issues. Snoring is a common feature of a broad nose deformity. Rhinoplasty surgery results in correction of this deformity.

Specialty rhinoplasty services in India

Rhinoplasty surgeons perform this corrective surgery. This is also a plastic surgery or a cosmetic surgery. Rhinoplasty surgery hospitals in India are specialty hospitals. Experience plays an important role in the success of rhinoplasty correction surgery.

Surgical procedure for broad nose deformity correction

The nostrils are wide and appear flared. Alar reduction surgery results in reduction of the nostrils. Crescent shaped incisions followed by removal of wedge shaped tissue achieves reduction of wide nostrils. There is no visible scar formation as the incisions placed in skin creases blend the scars. The sutures used to close the incisions are also very fine.

The flattened bridge of the nose is then addressed. Rib grafts are first obtained from the patient. These are then used to raise the bridge of the nose. Visible scar formation is again avoided through the use of intranasal incisions. Grafts are then crafted to the right size. The graft is then tunneled up to the bridge of the nose. This results in raising the bridge and results in a perfect form.

Importance of postoperative care for successful surgery

The patient needs to follow postsurgical instructions for successful integration of the graft. Results are permanent with improvement in nasal function being an added benefit.

Case 1: Nose reduction surgery for broad nostrils.

This young lady’s nose had a very broad base. She hated it as it did not suit her face. The bridge of her nose was also broad and flat. She wanted nose correction surgery. The patient thus presented to our hospital for consultation with her mother. She explained what she wanted from the surgery.

The patient was then examined and surgery planned. A wedge-shaped piece of tissue was then removed from both sides of her nostrils. The edges were then stitched back with fine sutures into the natural creases at the sides of the nose. Scarring was negligible. A rib graft taken from the patient was then used to raise the bridge of her nose. This resulted in a nice narrowed nose with a raised bridge. She was very happy with the results of the surgery.

Nose Reduction Surgery Of A Very Broad Nose Chennai India Before After Picture

Case 2: Nasal correction surgery for a bulky nose

This woman had a very bulky nose. It was extremely fleshy at the tip. She was never happy with the shape of her nose. She wanted nose correction surgery. She came to the hospital for rhinoplasty consultation. She explained what she wanted from the surgery.

She was thoroughly examined and surgery was carefully planned. Excess tissue from the tip of her nose was removed and the tip of her nose was carefully shaped to suit her facial features. Care was taken not to remove any supporting bone. Super fine stitches were used to close the wound. There was no visible scar formation. The dimensions of her new nose suited her face perfectly. She was very happy with the results of her surgery.

Nasal Correction Surgery For A Bulky Nose