Buccal Exostosis

Orthodontic Treatment

Buccal exostosis are rare, hard bony growth found on the maxillary alveolus.

They are self-limiting and painless. Their size may increase to several centimeters, causing food lodgement. This contributes to periodontal disease of adjoining teeth if the patient’s oral hygiene is poor.

Conservative surgical correction of the bony mass is necessary if it interferes with function, denture placement and smile.

Bony Mass Exostosis Evident In Maxilla And Mandible

Bony mass (exostosis) evident in maxilla and mandible

Trimming Of Bony Mass

Trimming of bony mass

Exposure Of Bony Mass After Flap Elevation

Exposure of bony mass after flap elevation

Maxilla Following Surgical Excision Of Bony Mass

Exposure of bony mass after flap elevation