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Cheekbone Reduction and Augmentation Surgery

Cheekbone Reduction  Surgery

Surgery for correction of chubby and sunken cheeks

Everyone likes chubby cheeks. Chubby cheeks denote vitality and good health. The opposite of chubby cheeks is sunken cheeks. Sunken cheeks denote the opposite of chubby cheeks. It could denote ill health and sickness.

Chubby cheeks as a tool of evolution

Chubbiness of the cheeks is from the subcutaneous fat deposits. Infants and young children often have chubby cheeks. This adds to the attractiveness of the child. A chubby appearance to a young child triggers a protective response in adults. This is hard-wired into us as a species. Even strangers are often known to go in aid of a young child in distress. This is a mechanism that has helped us evolve as a species. The protective response is something that has made humans thrive as a species.

Sunken cheeks denote poor health or malnutrition

Sickness and ill-health is the most common cause of sunken cheeks. Old age too causes sunken cheeks. Malnutrition and starvation are other reasons that lead to sunken cheeks. Loss of teeth could also give a sunken appearance to the cheeks.

Most people do not like chubby cheeks beyond a certain age. Sunken cheeks give the face a gaunt appearance. A gaunt appearance gives an aged look to the face. A person with sunken cheeks appears older than they are. This is an undesirable quality that nobody wants.


Oral and maxillofacial surgeons and plastic surgeons deal with cheek correction surgery. This falls under the category of cosmetic surgery. Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a specialty that deals with the face. All cheek surgery incisions are inside the mouth. This ensures zero visible scars on the face from the surgery. This specialty has often evolved side by side with plastic surgery. Good cosmetic results are the goals of both specialties. Any surgery that results in poor cosmetic results is a failed surgery. A good cosmetic surgeon always aims for minimal scar formation. Scars are often camouflaged in natural skin creases.

Cheekbone Augmentation Surgery India
Cheekbone Reduction Surgery India


Surgeons first assess the degree of chubbiness. Treatment of chubbiness below a certain level is often nonsurgical. Chewing gum or doing facial exercises can reduce facial chubbiness. Dietary changes like decreasing alcohol intake also help decrease chubbiness. Limiting sodium intake and refined carbohydrates also helps.

Surgery is the only option when the degree of chubbiness is beyond a certain level. The two most common surgeries are cheek liposuction and buccal fat reduction surgery. During the consultation, the surgeon studies biometric values and facial profiles. In liposuction, a liquid is first injected under the skin with a local anesthetic. This area becomes hard and firm.

The liquid is then sucked out through tiny incisions. The results of liposuction are temporary and fat deposits reach old levels in a few months. Buccal fat reduction surgery is through the placement of several intraoral incisions. Fat is then removed through these incisions. The incisions are then closed once the required cheek reduction is achieved. Results of this procedure last longer than liposuction.


Correction of sunken cheeks is through the use of fillers or cheek implants. Hyaluronic acid fillers are the first choice for most surgeons. The injection of these fillers has a dramatic cosmetic effect. The improvement is dramatically resulting in instant patient satisfaction. The effects of this surgery can last up to five years. The cheeks appear fuller after the completion of the surgery. As for implants, silicone cheek implants are the most common. Once screwed in, they last a lifetime and have no side effects.

The decision about the treatment of choice can be made only after examination of the patient. The surgeons advise the patient on the best course of action for the most desirable results.

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