Dental Implants for a Beautiful Smile

This is a case of a 45 year old female patient with a complaint of unpleasant looking mobile teeth in her upper and lower jaw. She approached us in distress, stating that she felt less confident to speak and smile due to the condition of her teeth. The patient was in guilt for her negligence in oral health. Apparently, patient’s food intake has been declined due to persistent mobility of her teeth. The patient demanded for a permanent fix as she had an upcoming family event to attend and she wanted to smile and speak without any insecurities.

Patient gives a familial history of her mother losing all her teeth at an early age due to mobility.


On clinical examination, there were a few missing teeth in her upper and lower jaw. The remaining teeth exhibited severe mobility and were in a compromised condition.

On radiological examination, OPG taken shows generalized bone loss with few broken teeth in upper and lower arch.

Blood investigation revealed no systemic abnormalities


Considering the fact, that the patient’s upper and lower teeth cannot be conserved by any means due to the mobility and bone loss, Dr S M Balaji planned to extract the compromised teeth in the upper and lower jaw followed by replacement of missing teeth. Patient was clear that she didn’t want any removable option. Hence dental implants were opted as it would fulfill the patient’s requirements. The surgical procedure was explained and patients consent was obtained.



Under local anesthesia, the mobile teeth in the upper and lower jaws were extracted. The gum tissue surrounding the relative site is opened and elevated exposing the underlying jaw bone for dental implant placement. Dental implants of appropriate size are fixed in a proper position in the upper and lower jaw bone with precision. Later the gums are approximated with absorbable suture covering the implants. Patient was asked to report after 3 months for the final prosthesis placement. By the time the dental implants would completely osseointegrate with the jaw bone ensuring great stability and retention in the future. Meanwhile, a removable prosthesis was given to replace the missing teeth in the upper and lower jaw.


Patient came back after 4 months for fixed ceramic prosthesis. Post operative OPG taken shows well integrated dental implants with the jaw bone. Hence the final impression was taken and bite trials were seen. Later, a natural looking fixed prosthesis was fixed onto the implants. The patient was very happy with the outcome as it boosted her confidence instantly. Patient is on a regular follow up.

Unhappy Patient With Compromised Teeth Condition
Unhappy patient with compromised teeth condition
Pre-Operative Opg Shows Bone Loss In Upper And Lower Jaw
Pre-operative OPG shows bone loss in upper and lower jaw
Extraction Of Mobile Teeth Done Under Local Anesthesia In Upper And Lower Jaw
Extraction of mobile teeth done under local anesthesia in upper and lower jaw
Dental Implants Fixed In Upper And Lower Jaw Bone
Dental implants fixed in upper and lower jaw bone
Post Operative Opg Shows Well Osseointegrated Dental Implants
Post operative OPG shows well osseointegrated dental implants
The Happy And Confident Smile
The happy and confident smile

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!