This is a case of a 32 year old male patient. He approached our Dental Hospital hoping to find a solution for his long standing dental defect. The patient complained that his upper front teeth were broken, discolored and unpleasant aesthetically. He expressed that his neglect towards oral hygiene over the period of years, affected his teeth and compromised his oral functions to a great extent.

Also, the patient grumbled upon his difficulty to chew food, as his upper posterior teeth were also in a bad state of condition. He expressed his desperate need to fix his teeth, as it affected his self confidence and well being.


On clinical examination, the patient’s upper anterior and posterior teeth were grossly decayed, that only the root portion of the teeth structure remained, which cannot be conserved. The lower jaw teeth were in the initial stages of decay, due to the poor oral care of the patient. A full mouth x-ray (OPG) taken shows, badly cavitated and damaged teeth in the upper jaw.


After complete examination of the patient, considering the patients need and age, Dr. SM Balaji, Maxillofacial surgeon and Implantologist, decided to extract the badly decayed teeth and root stumps, followed by Dental Implant placement under local anesthesia. Patient was completely satisfied with the treatment plan. Consent was obtained


Dr.S.M.Balaji extracted the defective teeth in the upper jaw that cannot be preserved by means of any dental treatment, under local anesthesia. Subsequently, the gum tissue surrounding the relative site were raised exposing the underlying jaw bone. Dental implants of appropriate height were fixed in the bone. A total number of five teeth were removed in the upper anterior region, yet, a set of three implants has been fixed at the relative site, which will later be covered by the loading of a fixed ceramic bridge onto the implants.

This was done to make the treatment cost effective for the patient. Closure of the elevated gum tissue is achieved with absorbable suture. Patient was asked to report after a duration of 3 months. This healing period is required for the dental implants to completely integrate with the jaw bone. Until then, a provisional prosthesis was given to the patient, to replace his missing teeth.


The patient came back after 3 months. Post operative OPG taken shows well positioned dental implants, fully consolidated with the jaw bone. Final measurements were taken and bite trials seen. Later, ceramic bridge of exact color match to his natural teeth were fixed to the implants. The patient was very happy to have a natural-looking smile and to be able to bite and speak well.

Patient With Severely Decayed And Broken Teeth
Patient with severely decayed and broken teeth
Pre-Operative Opg Shows Root Stumps And Broken Teeth In The Upper Anteriors And Posteriors
Pre-operative OPG shows root stumps and broken teeth in the upper anteriors and posteriors
Post- Operative Opg Shows Well Osseointegrated Dental Implants
Post- operative OPG shows well osseointegrated dental implants
The Makeover With A Natural Looking Fixed Ceramic Prosthesis
The makeover with a natural looking fixed ceramic prosthesis