Orthodontic Treatment

The pigmentation in the gingiva (gums) is due to abnormal melanin granules. This pigmentation makes the gums look unaesthetic. Melanin pigmentation is completely benign. Black gums are common particularly in patients with high smile line (gummy smile).

Systemic conditions attributing to pigmentation of gums include
1 Endocrine disturbances
2 Albright’s syndrome
3 Malignant melanoma
4 Anti malarial therapy
5 Peutz Jeghers syndrome
6 Hemochromatosis
7 Chronic pulmonary disease.

Different treatment modalities are available
1 Bur abrasion
2 Scraping
3 Cryotherapy
4 Laser

Patient presented with black gums. Underlying systemic conditions ruled out. Phase I therapy (scaling and root planning) done.

Before Gum Treatmentt


During Gum Surgery

Intraoperative view

After Gum Treatment

2 weeks Post-operative