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Dr. SM Balaji Delivers the Prestigious Dr. Hari Parkash Oration at AIIMS, New Delhi

Invitation from the Director of AIIMS, New Delhi to deliver the Dr. Hari Parkash Oration

Dr. SM Balaji was invited by Prof. M Srinivas, Director, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, to deliver the Dr. Hari Parkash Oration at the prestigious institute of higher learning. This is a high honor that is accorded to only a select few who excel in their field of medical expertise.

Distinguished Faculty Members of the AIIMS, New Delhi welcome Dr. SM Balaji

Prof. Minu Bajpai, Head of the Department of Pediatric Surgery, AIIMS and Executive Director, National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences (NBEMS), Prof. Ritu Duggal, Chief, Centre for Dental Education and Research (CDER), AIIMS and Prof. Ajoy Roy Chowdhury, Head of the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, CDER, AIIMS were also present at the august occasion.

Presentation on the Challenges and Triumphs in Simple to Complex Craniofacial Surgery

Dr. SM Balaji presented Prof. M Srinivas and Prof. Minu Bajpai with his groundbreaking “Clinical Craniomaxillofacial Surgery,” which is one of the bestselling textbooks on clinical craniofacial surgery worldwide.

This was followed by Dr. SM Balaji’s oration on the “Challenges and Triumphs in Simple to Complex Craniofacial Surgery,” which was very well received by the distinguished members of the audience. Dr. SM Balaji drew upon his vast experience of over 30 years as a craniofacial surgeon to make an insightful and lucid presentation.

Appreciation for Dr. SM Balaji’s Excellent Dr. Hari Parkash Oration

Prof. M Srinivas and Prof. Minu Bajpai presented Dr. SM Balaji with a memento and a certificate to mark the occasion of his Dr. Hari Parkash Oration. The members of the audience expressed their appreciation for the excellent oration on the topic of craniofacial surgery.

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