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Dr SM Balaji delivers keynote lecture at IndoCleftCon 2020 held at New Delhi

The 19th Annual National Conference of the Indian Society of Cleft Lip, Palate & Craniofacial Anomalies (ISCLP&CA) was held in New Delhi recently. The theme of the conference was ‘Integrate, Assimilate, Collaborate.’ Held over three days, the conference saw the presentation of scientific papers related to the treatment and rehabilitation of patient with cleft lip, palate and craniofacial deformities.

Dr Sm Balaji Makes The Introduction To His Keynote Lecture On The Management Of Orbital Dystopia In Craniofacial Deformities
Dr SM Balaji makes the introduction to his keynote lecture on the management of orbital dystopia in craniofacial deformities

Invitation for keynote lecture at the IndoCleftCon 2020 of the ISCLP&CA

Dr SM Balaji was invited to deliver a keynote lecture at the recently concluded IndoCleftCon 2020. This was in light of his excellence in the field of cleft and craniofacial surgery. He has many innovations to his credit in the field of cleft lip and palate surgery. Some of these innovations have become standard surgical practice around the world.

Achievements in the field of cleft lip, palate and craniofacial surgery

In recognition of his contributions to the field of cleft lip and palate surgery, he has been made a member of the board of the International Cleft Lip and Palate Foundation of Japan. He regularly conducts surgical missions to the poorer parts of the world where he performed free surgeries.

He is also a pioneer in the field of Craniofacial Surgery. His ‘Clinical Cranio-maxillofacial surgery’ book is a compilation of cases performed over a period of 30 years. This is a superspecialty reference book that is much sought after by both postgraduate students as well as practicing surgeons. Our hospital is a referral center for the Dallas-based ‘World Craniofacial Foundation” (WCF).

Dr Sm Balaji Discussing The Finer Aspects Of The Management Of Craniofacial Deformities For Successful Surgical Outcome
Dr SM Balaji discussing the finer aspects of the management of craniofacial deformities for successful surgical outcome

Keynote lecture at the 19th Annual National Conference of the ISCLP&CA

Dr SM Balaji’s keynote lecture on “Management of Orbital Dystopia in the Management of Craniofacial Deformities” was very well received by the audience. He used case studies of patients operated by him to illustrate the various difficulties encountered in the surgical management of orbital dystopia.

He followed this up by presenting the innovations developed by him to overcome these difficulties. His presentation included correction of orbital dystopia in patients with syndromic craniofacial deformities. This was followed by a lively interactive session with the audience. Some of the complex questions were broken up into separate segments by him and his answers were illuminating to the audience.

Delving Deep Into The Structure Of The Human Skull, Dr Sm Balaji Discussing Some Of The Precautions That Need To Be Taken During Craniofacial Surgery
Delving deep into the structure of the human skull, Dr SM Balaji discussing some of the precautions that need to be taken during craniofacial surgery

Presentation of memento and Certificate of Appreciation by the organizers

Dr SM Balaji was presented with a memento and a certificate of appreciation following the conclusion of his keynote lecture. Members of the audience approached him to further query him on some aspects of his presentation and he patiently cleared their queries to their fullest satisfaction.

Dr Sm Balaji Receiving A Certificate Of Appreciation And Memento At The Indian Society Of Cleft Lip, Palate &Amp; Craniofacial Anomalies Conference
Dr SM Balaji receiving a certificate of appreciation and memento at the Indian Society of Cleft Lip, Palate & Craniofacial Anomalies conference
Dr Sm Balaji Interacting With Delegates At The Indocleftcon 2020 That Concluded Recently In New Delhi
Dr SM Balaji interacting with delegates at the IndoCleftCon 2020 that concluded recently in New Delhi

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