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Dr SM Balaji had an impactful presence at the 94th IADR General Session and Exhibition held in London 2018

Dr SM Balaji attended the 94th General Session of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR). The IADR exhibition was also held at the same time. These events were both held at the London Convention Center, London in July 2018. He is the Secretary General of the Indian Division of the IADR. The session was a grand success with many meetings held. Plans were made for implementing the cause of dental research throughout the world.

Dr Sm Balaji Participates In The Iadr Council Meeting
Dr SM Balaji participates in the IADR Council meeting

The importance of the IADR in Global Dental Research

IADR is the premier world body responsible for streamlining dental research. It is responsible towards laying down guidelines for dental research. Important areas of research are first identified by the IADR. It is then prioritized taking into account the current need for the research. Research grants are then distributed taking into account all factors.

Outstanding research contributions are also recognized and awarded by the IADR. Prestigious IADR awards in all categories are also given at annual general sessions. The IADR governing body consists of service minded individuals who guide research worldwide. Journal of Dental Research (JDR), the official journal of the IADR, is one of high prestige. Research works of great value feature in each edition of the journal.

Role played by Prof SM Balaji in furthering IADR activities

The board meeting of the International Association for Dental Research-Asia Pacific region (IADR-APR) was also held. Prof SM Balaji, Past President of the IADR-APR played an integral role in it. This was helmed by Prof Rena D’Souza, President, IADR. Also present at the meeting were Dr Christopher Fox, Executive Director, IADR and Prof Chuanbin Guo, President, IADR-APR amongst others. Many important issues were discussed at the session. Decisions towards the improvement of dental research in the region were also formulated. Planning for laying down the structures needed for successful implementation was also done here.

Of note, special mention was made by Prof D’ Souza about the stellar role Dr SM Balaji played as Secretary General of the Indian Society For Dental Research (ISDR) in organizing the symposium on dental research at Saveetha Dental College, Chennai and the 30th Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Dental Research at the Center for Dental Education and Research (CDER) in AIIMS, New Delhi in 2018. She noted that both the events were a grand success with the participation of over 1000 delegates.

Council meeting and council dinner hosted by Dr Angus Walls

Prof SM Balaji also participated in the council meeting of the IADR. This saw active participation by all the international council members of the IADR. Following this was the IADR Council dinner hosted by Colgate, UK at the Tower Bridge, London. Dr Angus WH Walls, Past President, IADR, made the inaugural speech. He welcomed the distinguished members of the IADR to the dinner. Dr Kathryn Kell, President, FDI World Dental Federation attended the dinner. Also present was Dr Enzo Bondioni, Executive Director, FDI World Dental Federation.

Science information committee meeting of the IADR

The IADR Science Information Committee (SIC) meeting was also conducted at the London Convention Center as part of the 94th IADR General Session and Exhibition. Dr Peter Mossey and Dr SM Balaji participated actively in the SIC meeting.

General session and exhibition opening ceremony in London

Prof SM Balaji took part in the official opening ceremony of the 94th IADR General Session and Exhibition. The opening speech by Prof Rena D’Souza, President, IADR, was very thought provoking. It touched upon the pressing need for further research into all aspects of oral health. She thanked everyone who had been of immense help in assisting her in her research activities over the years. Prof SM Balaji met with Professor Mike Curtis, Executive Dean of Dentistry, Kings College of London, Guy’s Hospital. He also met Prof Thomas Frank Flemmig, Dean, Kingboard Professor in advanced dentistry and Clinical Professor in Periodontology, Hong Kong University amongst many others after the opening ceremony.

Prof SM Balaji at the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Research Group

Prof SM Balaji is an active member of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Research Group of the IADR. A business meeting of the OMS Research Group was held at the South Gallery of the London Convention Center. This saw the participation of Prof Simon Young, Assistant Professor, UTHealth School of Dentistry, Texas. He spoke at length at the importance of furthering the interests of research among the emerging generation of oral and maxillofacial surgeons. Others present at the business meeting were Prof SM Balaji Prof Rabie M Shanti, Associate Professor of Head and Neck Surgery, University of Pennsylvania, Dr Bilal Ahmed, Certified Implant Specialist, University of Birmingham and Dr Sunday Ajike, Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Zaria, Nigeria amongst others.

Mentorship role at the Student Training and Research network of the IADR

Dr SM Balaji is the President of the IADR Student Training and Research network (STAR). Prof Corrado Paganelli, University of Brescia and Chair of the Board, International Federation of Dental Educators and Associations was the keynote speaker at the IADR STAR network meeting, held at the London Convention Center. The importance of research in all the fields of dentistry was stressed upon in his keynote speech.

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