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Health Minister of Maldives inaugurates International Craniofacial Conference

Dr SM Balaji, President, Craniofacial Research Foundation Academy, welcomed the Chief Guest, Hon’ble Abdulla Ameen, Minister of Health, Government of Maldives, upon his arrival at the summit. The minister inaugurated the summit and spoke about Dr SM Balaji’s surgical missions to the island nation had help multitudes of patients with craniofacial deformities.

International Conference of the Craniofacial Research Foundation

The Craniofacial Research Foundation Academy held its 5th International Craniofacial, Dental and Medical Summit in Paradise Island, Republic of Maldives recently. Many leading Craniofacial Surgeons and Plastic Surgeons from around the world were in attendance at the summit. Many scientific papers were presented and researchers awarded for their contributions to science.

Dr Sm Balaji Welcomes Minister To The Summit
Dr SM Balaji welcomes Minister to the summit

The minister was honored with a shawl and presented with a memento by Dr SM Balaji to mark the occasion. He spoke at length about how his government was developing specialty hospitals for providing state of art healthcare to the residents of the Maldives.

Dr Sm Balaji Presents Minister With Memento
Dr SM Balaji presents minister with memento
Honorable Abdulla Ameen Inaugurates The Summit
Honorable Abdulla Ameen inaugurates the summit

Address by the President of the Craniofacial Research Foundation Academy

Dr SM Balaji first thanked the Hon’ble minister for inaugurating the summit. He spoke at length about the long-standing relationship he has with the Government of Maldives. Being a researcher at heart, he also spoke about the recent advances made by craniofacial surgery around the world and the need for further research to help alleviate the suffering of those afflicted with craniofacial deformities.

Dr Sm Balaji Delivers His Presidential Address
Dr SM Balaji delivers his presidential address

Certificate of Participation presented by the minister

The minister later presented the Certificate of Participation to Dr SM Balaji. Other stalwarts who were presented with the certificate include Dr David Koppel, Senior Consultant, Craniofacial Surgery, Glasgow, Scotland, Prof AK Singh, Head of the Department of Plastic Surgery and Mr Peter Evans, senior consultant in Reconstructive Science from Swansea, Wales

Minister Presents Dr Ak Singh With Certificate
Minister presents Dr AK Singh with certificate
Dr Sm Balaji Receives Certificate From Minister
Dr SM Balaji receives certificate from minister
Mr Peter Evans Receives Certificate From Minister
Mr Peter Evans receives certificate from minister

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!

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