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Honorable Health Minister of the Maldives, His Excellency Abdulla Ameen invited as Chief Guest

His Excellency Abdulla Ameen invited for International Craniofacial Conference

Dr SM Balaji met with the Hon’ble Health Minister of the Maldives, His Excellency Abdulla Ameen and invited him to be the chief guest of the 5th International Craniofacial, Dental & Medical Summit. This was organized by the Craniofacial Research Foundation Academy in the Maldives recently.

Dr Sm Balaji Invites Hon'Ble Abdulla Ameen To Conference
Dr SM Balaji invites Hon'ble Abdulla Ameen to conference
Invitation To The Craniofacial Conference

Discussions regarding healthcare systems in the Maldives

The minister and Dr SM Balaji held discussions about how availability of craniofacial surgical care has improved the quality of life of those suffering from craniofacial defects in the island nation. They spoke about the commitment of the Maldivian government towards the welfare of its citizens.

Dr Sm Balaji With The Health Minister Of Maldives
Dr SM Balaji with the Health Minister of Maldives

Latest edition of Dhivehi book presented to the honorable minister

The minister thanked Dr SM Balaji for his tireless services towards providing craniofacial surgical care for his people. Dr SM Balaji presented the minister with the latest edition of his Dhivehi book, which provides information on craniofacial deformities to the Maldivian public.

Dr Sm Balaji Presents Dhivehi Book To Hon'Ble Abdulla Ameen
Dr SM Balaji presents Dhivehi book to Hon'ble Abdulla Ameen

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!

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