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How to Choose the Best Dental Clinic in Chennai?

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What is the Role of Dentistry in Improving the Overall Quality of Modern Life?

Early loss of teeth was a common phenomenon in days gone by. This could either be from poor oral hygiene or trauma. Many people ended up losing their teeth by the time they reached the age of 40. Overall life expectancy was also much lower at that time. Seeing older people with a full set of teeth was a rare sight.

Infections of carious teeth were very common and extraction techniques were primitive and painful. Some of the extraction techniques were straight out of a torture manual. This was before the advent of organized dental care.

Dentistry in the olden days used removable dentures to replace missing teeth. This could restore only around 10% of the functional capacity of natural teeth. Many foods that required chewing could not be consumed due to dislodgment or breakage of these dentures.

Carious teeth were mainly restored with amalgam fillings. This led to a progressive increase in the cavity size with every subsequent failure of the filling. Tooth loss was inevitable in this scenario. There was a significant decrease in the quality of life.

The quality of nutritional intake is directly related to oral health. Missing teeth lead to a loss of masticatory efficiency. A compromise in oral health always cascaded into compromised general health.

What is considered to be the Golden Age of Dentistry?

We presently live in the golden period of human history. There have been no global wars for many decades now. This has ensured that advancement has been maximum in every human field of endeavor. Dental care has also greatly benefitted from the overall technological advancements made by mankind.

The discovery of osseointegration of titanium to bone resulted in the development of dental implants. These proved to be the ideal replacement for missing teeth. Tooth-colored resin-based filling materials for carious teeth led to a boom in cosmetic dentistry. They provide excellent cosmetic results as well as resistance to masticatory forces.

Modern dentistry makes extensive use of these treatment modalities. The perfect smile can now be created through the use of computer programs. They provide a simulation for the results even before the commencement of treatment.

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Chennai in Tamil Nadu has long been considered the healthcare capital of India. It boasts of a robust infrastructure of educational institutions for medical and dental education. Dentistry in Chennai has always been of the highest quality. The best dental clinic in Chennai offers treatment that is world-class.

The unprecedented pandemic situation in the world today has completely redefined life as we know it. It is imperative that treatment is done in a corona-free dental clinic. Complete patient safety needs to be ensured to be considered the best dental clinic in Chennai.

The best dental care in Chennai has always been equated to total patient protection. Commitment to patient protection should be ingrained within the ethos of the dental clinic. Dental treatment in Chennai is world-class due to adopting factors such as this.

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What are the norms followed by us that make us the Top Dental Clinic in Chennai?

A lot of factors go into being the Best Dental Clinic in Chennai. The first and foremost are patient satisfaction and patient safety. Ensuring patient safety is paramount for successful dental treatment.

This is particularly important during these turbulent days of COVID-19. Every precaution needs to be taken to be a corona-free dental clinic. The top dental clinic in Chennai adopts every precaution that is necessary to ensure this.

Offering the best dental care in Chennai is related to professional excellence. This not only includes the quality of the treatment but also includes friendly staff members and transparent processes. The best dental clinic in Chennai goes the extra mile to ensure total patient satisfaction with the whole process.

Why the Emphasis on Corona Free Dental Clinic?

The present pandemic has taken the world by storm. Even the developed countries found it difficult to comprehend the scale of the virus when it initially struck. New facets of the virus are being revealed with each passing day.

Every top dental clinic in Chennai has found the need to evolve and raise the bar. No stone is being left unturned to ensure a corona-free dental clinic. New sterilization systems including ultraviolet radiation are being widely employed to ensure operatory safety.

What are the qualities that set us apart as the Top Dental Clinic in Chennai?

Our clinic has always held the distinction of providing the best dental care in Chennai. We have always laid emphasis on total patient satisfaction in our clinic. The patient is made to feel at home right from the moment the patient steps into the premises. We offer specialist care in every subspecialty of dentistry.

Our consultants are vastly experienced in treating every condition arising in the oral cavity. They constantly update themselves to the latest treatment processes being evolved around the world. We were amongst the first to offer minimally invasive dentistry. Patient testimonials about dental services at our hospital speak for themselves.

What are the Key Ingredients that make us the Best Dental Clinic in Chennai?

We are a leading dental hospital in Chennai. Consistent delivery of quality treatment has earned us the name of being the best dental clinic in Chennai. We believe in forming a lifelong bond with our patients.

Even patients who have relocated from Chennai often return to the city for the sole purpose of obtaining dental treatment in our hospital. It is not uncommon to see multiple generations of the same family present to us for the upkeep of their oral health.

Equipped with the latest technology, the treatment offered in our clinic is world-class. Equipment in our clinic is constantly upgraded to offer the best to our patients. We also only use zero allergenic dental materials for our patients.

This consistent delivery of excellence has made us the destination of choice for the best dental care in Chennai. Many celebrities make a beeline to our hospital for the maintenance of their oral health.

Our dental practice is amongst the most reputed in Chennai. We also believe in providing affordable dental care in Chennai. Patients are offered world-class treatment without compromising on quality. We consider offering affordable dental care in Chennai as a form of service to humanity.

Specialized services offered by us include child dentistry, root canal treatment, dental implants, gum surgery, full dentures and sedation dentistry. Our clinic is a one-stop destination for laser dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening and smile makeover treatment. We are considered the best for dental veneers, Invisalign and lingual orthodontics.

Our commitment to delivering excellence in dental care for all our patients will remain the cornerstone of our belief systems. Remaining steadfast and true to our foundational belief systems has ensured that we remain the best dental clinic in Chennai.


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Dr SM Balaji

Dr. S.M. Balaji is a renowned and highly skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeon known for his expertise in complex jaw surgeries and craniofacial procedures.

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