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The Best Steroids for Weight Loss

Among those who decided to gain muscle mass, it is believed that so-called anabolic steroids can help achieve quick and high results. Of course, these drugs contribute to the achievement of a certain effect, but before you start taking them, you need to know and understand what they actually are, all their pros and cons. Photos before and after steroids for weight loss of girls and men can be viewed in the article. For reference https://italiafarmaci.com/ you can find a wide range of steroids for any purpose and course.

What are steroids and what are they for?

At their core, steroids are preparations based on the male hormone testosterone, which is actively involved in the synthesis and production of proteins necessary to “build” muscle mass. It is a mistake to assume that steroids are used only in bodu Since their artificial synthesis in the early 30s of the secolo

The effects of steroid drugs are divided into androgenic and anabolic.

These effects differ from each other in the specific manifestations that are achieved with their use, namely:

With the increase in the effects of androgenic steroids, sexual function is improved, there is intense hair growth according to the male principle (that is, on the chest, legs, face), an increase in body weight can be observed due to water retention in the body. In addition, it is the androgenic component of steroids that can provoke side effects from taking medications (for example, hypertension, irritability).

The anabolic effect is to increase muscle mass, increase endurance, produce less fat, strengthen bone tissues. The ratio of anabolic to androgenic in each individual steroid drug is determined by the so-called anabolic index.


Triioditronine is a hormone synthesized by the thyroid gland. But it is worth noting that the thyroid gland secretes this hormone in small amounts, it is achieved mainly due to the iodation of thyroina This slimming steroid for men and women, as well as tiroina

This hormone is responsible for regulating the supply of oxygen to tissue cells, thereby increasing the overall level of metabolism. In small doses, triioditronine, supplying cells with oxygen, causes their active growth and repair. In large doses, this hormone greatly increases the overall level of metabolism, as a result of which the breakdown of cells begins, with the release of a large amount of energy. This feature of the hormone is used quite often in the world of sports: large doses of triioditronine cause breakdown of adipose tissue, which leads to weight loss.

In medicine, this hormone is often used only in small doses to activate the restoration of damaged tissues, as a rule nervous. Among other things, this steroid hormone has an effect on the absorption of vitamins A and B12, and also participates in the elimination of cholesterol from the body.


“Clenbuterol” (Clenbuterol) – a product that is used in medicine for the healing of bronchial asthma. In recent years, the drug has found wide use in bodebuilding and fitness, due to its ability to burn fat, so it is often used by athletes to lose weight and dry. Tablets of the best steroid for weight loss contain tiroina “Clenbuterol” is not related to heavy anabolic steroids and belongs to a group of adrenomimetics that show a related physiological influence.

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