Immediate Dental Implants for Discolored Periodontally Compromised Teeth


A 53 year old male patient from Trivandrum, Kerala, approached our Dental Hospital seeking solution for his discolored, mobile lower front teeth. The mobility of the teeth made it difficult for the patient to speak and chew food. Also the patient stated that he’s a public speaker in a reputed organization. The discoloration of the teeth had compromised the speaker’s ability to smile and talk confidently. The patient requested for a cosmetic makeover of his teeth.


On clinical examination, there was severe tartar around the lower front teeth due to poor oral maintenance. Also the teeth exhibited grade II mobility with gum recession. The gum tissue surrounding the teeth were swollen and red.

A full mouth x-ray (OPG) taken indicated missing lower right central incisor. This led to pathological migration of the adjacent teeth which in turn created more gap between the lower front teeth. There was a significant amount of bone loss due to poor oral hygiene.

Complete blood investigation revealed no systemic abnormalities.


Renowned  Maxillofacial surgeon and Implantologist, Dr. SM Balaji examined the patient and planned to extract the compromised teeth followed by immediate dental implant placement under local anesthesia. Procedure was made clear to the patient and consent was obtained.


Under local anesthesia, Dr.SM Balaji extracted the mobile lower front teeth. The gum tissue surrounding the lower front teeth were slightly raised. Immediate dental implants of appropriate height are then placed in the empty tooth socket with utmost stability. The relative site is closed with dissolvable suture. Since primary stability was achieved and also considering the patient’s designation, a self- cleansing light weight temporary fixed prosthesis was given to replace the missing teeth. The patient was very happy to get a temporary fixed prosthesis, as he was able to speak and function well for the time being.


Patient reported back after 3 months for permanent prosthesis. This healing period of 3 months is to allow the dental implants to completely osseointegrate with the jaw bone. Post-operative OPG taken after the healing period showed well positioned osseointegrated dental implants. Final impression was taken and bite trial seen. Later the patient was given a fixed ceramic prosthesis over the implant. The patient was very much happy with the makeover. It blended well with the adjacent teeth giving him an elevated look. It took his confidence to a next level.

Patient With Discolored, Mobile Lower Front Teeth
Patient with discolored, mobile lower front teeth
Pre-Operative Opg Indicating Severe Bone Loss
Pre-operative OPG indicating severe bone loss
Extracted Empty Teeth Socket
Extracted empty teeth socket
Immediate Dental Implant Placed With Stability And Retention
Immediate dental implant placed with stability and retention
Gum Tissues Approximated With Dissolvable Suture
Gum tissues approximated with dissolvable suture
Post- Operative Opg Showing Osseointegrated Dental Implants
Post- operative OPG showing osseointegrated dental implants
Confident Patient With Fixed Ceramic Prosthesis
Confident patient with fixed ceramic prosthesis

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