Root Canal Treatment


In early childhood caries, dental decay spreads in to the tooth and reaches the pulp. It manifests tooth pain, swelling (gumboil), food lodgement, fractured tooth, discoloration of tooth. Root canal treatment is the procedure, that can be save the baby teeth at this stage.

At Balaji Dental and Craniofacial Hospital, provides best Root canal treatment for child. Our child dentist, removes the infected pulp tissues present inside the tooth. cleaned the canal and filled with an inert material. This treatment done in single visit under painless Local Anesthesia.

It is very safe and effective procedure than removing the milk tooth for child. this treatment will be 100% safer for the upcoming permanent tooth.

Steps of Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment for child

A. Decayed tooth with pulpal infection

B. Removing caries and opening the root canal

C. Removing the infected pulp and cleaning the canal with advanced endodontic kid’s rotary file.

D. Root Canals are filled with calcium hydroxide and Iodoform paste.

E. Entrance filling is given.

F. Stainless steel crown is placed on the tooth.

A common assumption about the milk teeth is that since they are going to fall out, there’s no reason to save them. It can be difficult for people to understand why a procedure is performs on a tooth that’s going to fall out.

The milk teeth plays a role that helps to preserve space in the mouth for the permanent teeth to erupt. Not all the decayed tooth restoring the tooth always. It depends upon the age some tooth are indicates for extraction which is cannot be save the milk tooth.

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