Tooth extractions or Exodontia

Tooth extractions or exodontia

Teeth may need to be removed for many reasons including severe decay, advanced gum disease, infection or as part of an orthodontic treatment plan.

Exodontia Or Tooth Extraction

Exodontia or tooth extraction

X-Ray Taken Before Extraction Of Upper Right Third Molar Tooth

X-ray taken before extraction of upper right third molar tooth

During Extraction- Accessing The Tooth From The Cheek Sid

During extraction- Accessing the tooth from the cheek sid

During Extraction- Accessing The Tooth From The Tongue Side

During extraction- accessing the tooth from the tongue side

During Extraction- Grasping The Tooth With Forceps

During extraction- Grasping the tooth with forceps

The Extracted Upper Right Third Molar

The extracted upper right third molar