Upper Jaw Retrusion

Upper jaw retrusion

Sometimes the growth of the upper jaw (maxilla) may be deficient resulting in improper alignment of the jaws and teeth. This is very commonly seen in patients with cleft lip palate defect. As a result the upper jaw is too short for the face which may hide the teeth and create an abnormal bite. This may be treated by surgically lengthening the jaw, making it more balanced as compared to the lower jaw.

The treatment option may vary depending on severity and characteristic of the deformity. The effective line of treatment is decided upon after a detailed analysis of the deformity and attributes.

Before After - Upper Jaw Retrusion

Before After Picture - Upper Jaw Retrusion

Before After - Upper Jaw Retrusion

Before after - Upper Jaw Retrusion

Deficient Or Retruded Upper Jaw (Maxilla)

Deficient or retruded upper jaw (maxilla)

Incorrect Occlusion (Bite)

Incorrect occlusion (bite)

Upper Jaw Bone Is Cut

Upper jaw bone is cut

Distractor Device Is Fixed To The Cut Bone Segments

Distractor device is fixed to the cut bone segments

Turning The Distractor Screw Advancing The Upper Jaw

Turning the distractor screw advancing the upper jaw

Maxillary Advancement By Distraction Osteogenesis

Maxillary advancement by Distraction Osteogenesis

X-Ray Before Treatment Showing Retruded Upper Jaw, X-Ray After Distraction Showing Corrected Upper Jaw

X-ray before treatment showing retruded upper jaw, X-ray after distraction showing corrected upper jaw

Improved Profile Following Distraction

Improved profile following distraction