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Asymmetry correction with angle of mandible reduction and masseter debulking surgery

Patient with masseter hypertrophy and excess lateral mandibular angle bone

The patient is a young girl from Rajasthan. She began noticing the development of an asymmetry in her face at around 14 years of age. The right side angle of the mandible region was becoming bulkier as time went by. It reached the point where the asymmetry became too obvious to ignore. She wanted to get it corrected. A local dentist advised her that surgical correction was the only way to correct it. She and her parents researched the Internet for the best oral surgeon. Their search led them to our hospital in Chennai. They got in touch with the hospital manager who asked them to send a few photos through email.

Lateral angle of mandible reduction and masseter debulking surgery

Dr SM Balaji examined the photographs in detail and instructed the patient to meet him. The patient and her parents came to our hospital in Chennai. He examined the patient in detail and explained the problem. The patient had excessive thickness to the lateral angle of mandible bone. This had to be first reduced. There was also masseter muscle hypertrophy that needed to be set right. This would be by removing excessive muscle tissue. The patient and her parents were in complete agreement with the treatment plan. The patient was then scheduled for surgery.

Surgical correction of masseter hypertrophy and angle reduction

Under general anesthesia, an incision was first made buccal to the right lower molars. The third molar was then elevated and removed. Dissection was then carried down to the lateral angle of the mandible. A hand piece was then used to trim down the excessive cortical bone on the lateral aspect of the mandible. Attention was next turned to the masseter muscle. Excessive muscle tissue was next trimmed until symmetry of both sides was achieved. The incision was then closed with sutures.

The patient expressed her happiness to Dr SM Balaji with the results of the surgery.

Surgery Video:

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!

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