Bilateral Ear Reconstruction – Microtia – 1st Stage

Microtia deformity of the external ears

Microtia is a congenital condition in which there in poor development of the ears. Correction involves staged reconstruction of the ear using autogenous costal cartilages. A template is utilized to create the form of the proposed external ear. Three surgeries complete reconstruction of the microtia affected ear.

Patient presents to our hospital for specialized microtia surgery

This is a young 13-year-old boy from Tirupati, Telangana with microtia. His parents brought him to our hospital for bilateral microtia repair. Dr SM Balaji, microtia repair specialist, explained the surgery to them. They agreed to proceed with surgery.

Microtia surgery of bilateral ears performed for young boy from Tirupati

After general anesthesia, rib grafts were first harvested. Grafts obtained were from the fourth, fifth and sixth ribs. A Valsalva maneuver was then performed. This was to rule out accidental perforation into the thoracic cavity. Using a metal template, the sixth rib graft was first carved and sculpted to form the external ear framework. This was done for both the right and the left sides. The other graft pieces were then fixed and secured with nonresorbable sutures. Care was taken to maintain symmetry between the frameworks of both ears.

The skin of the right ear was first incised and underlying tissues dissected to create a pocket. The framework of ribs was then tunneled into the pocket. Skin was then sutured and surgical drain placed at the site. This step will help adapt the skin to the cartilage framework. The left ear was then addressed.

Second stage repair will be after about 3 months. This will be for elevation of the framework inserted in the first stage.

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