Cosmetic Rhinoplasty – Nasal Bridge Augmentation & Alar Base Reduction Surgery

Searching for the best rhinoplasty surgeon in India

The patient is a young woman who always wanted a sharp nose with a straight bridge. She had always felt that her nostrils were too wide for her face. A doctor in her hometown suggested that she undergo rhinoplasty. She and her parents searched for the best rhinoplasty surgeon in India. They finally decided to come to our hospital for surgery.

Treatment plan explained to the patient

Dr SM Balaji, Rhinoplasty specialist, examined the patient upon arrival at the hospital. He explained to the patient and her parents that she needed a rib graft. The patient and her parents were in agreement with the treatment plan proposed by him.

Rhinoplasty procedure performed on the patient

Under adequate general anesthesia, a rib graft was first obtained from the patient. A Valsalva test was then performed to confirm that there was no perforation of the thorax. Attention was next turned to the nose. An intranasal incision ensure that there would be no external scar formation. The bone graft was then tunnelled through the incision to lift up the bridge of the nose. Alar reduction was then performed to reduce the width of the patient’s nostrils.

The patient and her parents expressed their happiness at the results of the surgery.

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