Young lady desiring surgical correction presents to hospital

This young lady is from Madurai. She had always desired a sharp nose. Desiring surgical correction, her family had searched for the best nose correction surgeon. This led them straight to our hospital.

Examination of the nose with detailed treatment planning

Dr SM Balaji examined the patient and recommended costochondral graft placement. This would raise the bridge of the nose and give the patient’s nose a sharp profile. The patient was in agreement with this treatment plan.

Harvesting of costochondral rib graft from the patient

Under general anesthesia, a costochondral graft was first harvested from the patient. A Valsalva maneuver demonstrated absence of perforation into the thoracic cavity. Following this, the incision was then sutured in layers.

Surgical augmentation of a depressed bridge of the nose

Attention was then turned to the nose. All incisions were intranasal to avoid scar formation. The costochondral graft was then crafted to the right size. This was then tunneled to the bridge of the nose and stabilized with sutures. The patient now had a sharp nose with a straight bridge.

The patient expressed her happiness at the results of the surgery before discharge.