Double Chin Correction Surgery- Advancement Genioplasty for snoring and sleep apnea and Neck fat Removal

Patient with extreme double chin presents for surgical correction

This middle aged man is from Latur in Maharashtra. He is a chronic snorer and has suffered from disturbed sleep for a long time. He has retrognathia and excessive neck fat. This had combined to give him an extreme double chin. His dissatisfaction with his appearance had led him to become withdrawn. He had searched far and wide for the best cosmetic surgeon to correct this. Word of mouth references from local dentists had led him straight to our hospital.

The patient examined and treatment plan explained in detail

Dr SM Balaji examined the patient and ordered lab and radiologic studies. Radiographic studies revealed impaction of left second and third molars. The patient also had a retrognathic mandible. Treatment planning included advancement genioplasty and neck fat removal. This surgery would result in increased pharyngeal airspace. It would also result in tauter musculature. This would relieve his snoring and sleep difficulties. The patient was in agreement with the proposed treatment planning.

Advancement genioplasty and impactions performed

Under adequate general anesthesia, markings were first made on the chin for reference. Advancement genioplasty was first performed. A vestibular incision was first made in the anterior mandible. The chin was then exposed and osteotomy performed. Chin was then brought forward and stabilized with two four-holed L-shaped plates. Attention was then turned to the two molar impactions. These were then extracted without event. The incision was then closed with sutures.

Neck fat removal surgery with good results

Attention was next turned to the neck fat removal surgery. An incision was then made below the chin and dissected to the region of fat deposits. Adipose tissue was then dissected in a meticulous manner. After adequate removal of fat tissue, the incision was then closed with sutures.

The patient was very satisfied with the results of the surgery. He expressed his happiness before discharge from the hospital.

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