Advanced Scientific Plenary session at the FDI World Annual Dental Conference

The scientific sessions at the FDI Conference were full of vigor and energy. They were full of new ideas and innovations. There were many plenary lectures held at this year’s conference in Buenos Aires. The topics were varied and covered all aspects of the vision that FDI has for the future of the field of dentistry.

Dr SM Balaji selected to moderate the Advanced Implantology Scientific session

In light of his excellence in the field of implantology, Dr SM Balaji was chosen to moderate this advanced implantology session. His proven track record of excellent long term results with implants added value to the the proceedings. The discussions proved to be very educational for the audience.

Dr SM Balaji moderating a plenary session at the FDI World Dental Conference in Buenos Aires

Dr Shankar Iyer presents an excellent Advanced Scientific Plenary Session

The presentation on the topic of advanced implantology was by Dr. Shankar Iyer. He is Past President of American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Currently , he is Associate Professor, Rutgers University, USA. He delved deep into the topic of implantology dealing with the management of difficult cases. Dr SM Balaji enlivened the sessions with his inputs with deep insight into the field of advanced implantology. The question and answer session with the audience at the end of the plenary session was particularly lively. The camaraderie between Dr SM Balaji and Dr Shankar Iyer was evident as they share the same alma mater.

Dr SM Balaji presented the certificate of excellence to Dr Shankar Iyer for his excellent presentation.

Dr Sm Balaji Presenting The Certificate Of Excellence To Dr Shankar Iyer At The Completion Of His Lecture At The Plenary Session

Dr SM Balaji presenting the Certificate of Excellence to Dr Shankar Iyer at the completion of his lecture at the plenary session