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Facial asymmetry correction- condylar hyperplasia already operated but failed, maxillary shortening, buccal fat pad transfer, malar and mandibular body augmentation surgery

Patient with failed surgery elsewhere presents for correction

The patient is a young woman with failed condylar hyperplasia surgery performed elsewhere. She presented to our hospital for correctional surgery. Dr SM Balaji examined the patient and ordered detailed studies for the patient.

Rib graft and buccal fat pad graft obtained from the patient

Under general anesthesia, a rib graft was first harvested from the patient. Valsalva maneuver demonstrated a patent thoracic cavity. The incision was then closed with sutures. This was next followed by harvesting of a buccal fat pad graft from the right cheek.

Augmentation of the mandibular body done with grafts

A left sided maxillary vestibular incision was next made. The bone grafts were then shaped and fixed with screws in this region. Attention was next turned to the mandible. A mucogingivoperiosteal flap was then raised. The bone grafts were then screwed in place in the molar region. This led to adequate augmentation of the body of the mandible.

Maxillary repositioning and buccal fat pad transfer performed

Attention was next turned to the anterior maxillary region. An osteotomy was then performed and the maxilla repositioned with four holed plates. This was then followed by transfer of the buccal fat pad graft to the left cheek. All incisions were then closed with sutures.

The patient expressed complete satisfaction with the results of the surgery before discharge.

Surgery Video

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!

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