Young man desiring facial feminization surgery

The patient is a young man who presented to our hospital for facial feminization surgery. He had zeroed in on our hospital after extensive Internet research. Dr SM Balaji is a member of the W-PATH. This organization dedicates all its efforts toward improving transgender healthcare. It aims to provide accessible healthcare for persons with different gender identities. The patient had a hypertrophic masseter.

Diagnostic studies performed for treatment planning

A 3D axial CT was first obtained for treatment planning. This planning proceeded after obtaining his biometrics. The patient agreed to the treatment plan and was then scheduled for surgery.

Facial feminization surgery with good esthetic results

Under general anesthesia, a right mandibular vestibular incision was first made. The bone at the gonial angle was then reduced to reduce its prominence. Excess masseter muscle was then excised and removed. The same procedure was then performed on the left side with symmetrical results.

Bimaxillary setback surgery was then performed through an osteotomy of the maxillary bone. Advancement genioplasty was next performed. Osteotomy was then performed with good cosmetic results. Occlusion was perfect at the end of the two procedures. All incisions were then sutured close.

The patient expressed his satisfaction at the results before final discharge.