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FDI Education Committee and ADA Advisory Committee midyear meeting at Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The World Dental Federation

The World Dental Federation (FDI) came into being in 1900. It serves as the representative for over a million dentists worldwide. FDI formulates protocol for enabling the advancement of dentistry. It also makes these advancements accessible to dentists worldwide. FDI organizes worldwide campaigns for oral health. These educate people about the importance of oral health. The FDI also upgrades the quality of dental education. It serves to maintain standards of dental institutions around the world.

A Roster Of The Members Of The Fdi Education Committee And Ada Advisory Committee Who Participated In The Proceedings

A roster of the members of the FDI Education Committee and ADA Advisory Committee who participated in the proceedings

FDI Education Committee Midyear meeting at Cedar Rapids, USA

The FDI Education Committee is an elected body of peers. Members have made significant contributions in the field of dental education. They meet at a midyear meeting every year. This is to discuss ways of improving the delivery of dental education worldwide. The Education Committee Midyear Meeting this year was held at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Representatives of the American Dental Association Advisory Committee also attended this year’s meeting. FDI staff was also present at the meeting.

Dr SM Balaji provides valuable inputs at the Education Committee meeting

The committee meeting chair was Dr. Jurgen Fedderwitz. Vice chair was Dr. Hande Sar Sancakli. Dr. SM Balaji participated in the Education Committee meeting. He proposed innovative ways to enhance dental education worldwide. It particularly included developing countries. Dr. William Cheung, Dr. Hiroyuki Nakano and Dr. Marzena Dominiak were also present. Members of the American Dental Association Advisory Committee also attended the meeting. They included Dr. Roger Macias, Dr. Ken McDougall and Dr. Nanette Tertel.

FDI Executive Council Luncheon Meeting

Dr SM Balaji also attended a luncheon meet organized here. Others at the luncheon included Dr Kathryn Kell, President, FDI, Dr Nikolai Sharkov Council Member, FDI, Dr Harry Sam-Selikowitz, Science Committee Chair and Dr Gerhard Seeberger, President-Elect

Dr Sm Balaji At A Luncheon Meet With Dr Kathryn Kell, President, Fdi, Dr Nikolai Sharkov Council Member

Dr SM Balaji at a luncheon meet with Dr Kathryn Kell, President, FDI, Dr Nikolai Sharkov Council Member

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