Neurofibroma debulking surgery

Neurofibroma explained to be an inherited disorder

Neurofibroma is a benign tumor of the nerve sheath. It arises from the peripheral nervous system. An inherited disorder, is very disfiguring and adds bulk to the affected tissues. It always results in asymmetry of the affected region.

Young man with neurofibroma presents for surgery

This is a young man from Thalassery. He has had this debilitating condition since childhood. His face is only affected on the right side. The right eye had also become blinded by this condition. He has undergone previous surgery elsewhere in the past for the tissue overgrowth. He has become reclusive and withdrawn because of this. The growth has recurred again to the point it interfere with his activities of daily living. His family conducted extensive enquiries with medical professionals for the best cosmetic surgeon. These enquiries led them straight to our hospital for management of his disfigurement. He will need another surgery to correct his lower lip disfigurement.

The patient examined and treatment plan explained

Dr SM Balaji examined the patient and explained the treatment plan. The patient was in agreement with this.

Surgery is done with removal of overgrowth of excess fibrous tissue

Under general anesthesia, excess neurofibromatous tissue was first retracted and then excised. The proliferation of this tissue in the lobule of his right external ear was also trimmed. This resulted in the improvement of the patient’s facial contour. After removal of adequate tissue, the incisions were then closed with sutures.

The patient expressed satisfaction in the improvement of quality of life before discharge.

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