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Pakistan Dental Association’s Humanitarian Award conferred on Prof SM Balaji

The Humanitarian Award Conferred Upon Prof Sm Balaji

The Humanitarian Award conferred upon Prof SM Balaji

Prof SM Balaji is chosen for the Humanitarian Award

Prof SM Balaji is a Chennai based Craniomaxillofacial Surgeon. The Pakistan Dental Association (PDA) chose him for its Humanitarian Award. The award was presented to him at the 40th Asia Pacific Dental Congress held at Manila, Philippines.

Prof SM Balaji’s free surgeries for underprivileged children

The Pakistan Dental Association President, Dr Mahmood Shah Enumerating Prof Sm Balaji’s Services Towards The Rehabilitation Of Pakistani Children With Complex Craniofacial Deformities

The Pakistan Dental Association President, Dr Mahmood Shah enumerating Prof SM Balaji’s services towards the rehabilitation of Pakistani children with complex craniofacial deformities

The Asia Pacific Dental Federation (APDF)/PDA sponsors children with complex surgical needs. Treatment is at the best surgical centers abroad. It has been sending children with complex craniofacial developmental abnormalities to Chennai. Prof SM Balaji has been operating on them since 2010. He performs these complicated surgeries for free as a part of his social initiative. Over 120 such children have benefitted from this association. This is the eighth year Prof SM Balaji has been performing this service.


The Pakistan Dental Association confers Humanitarian Award on Dr SM Balaji

The Pakistan Dental Association decided to honour Prof SM Balaji for his contributions. This was through its highest Humanitarian award. The award recognized his services towards the rehabilitation of these children. The PDA conferred this award on Dr SM Balaji at a special award ceremony. This was at the 40th Asia Pacific Dental Congress 2018 meeting in Manila, Philippines. The PDA President, Dr Mahmood Shah, Vice President, Dr Asif Arain and Secretary General Dr Nasir Ali Khan presented Prof SM Balaji with this prestigious award. Of note, Prof SM Balaji is the first Indian to receive this honor.

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