Prof SM Balaji participates in the ICCDE convocation at 40th APDC in Manila

Prof SM Balaji attended the 40th Asia Pacific Dental Conference (APDC) in Philippines. SMX Convention Center in Manila, Philippines was the venue for this conference. The Asia Pacific Dental Federation (APDF) organized this conference. Asia Pacific Regional Organization (APRO) cohosted the event. Theme was “Intensifying Professionalism in Synergy with Dental Science and Technology. The International College of Continuing Dental Education (ICCDE) also conducted its convocation here. Prof SM Balaji is Vice-President of the ICCDE. Many new members were inducted into the ICCDE.

The International College Of Continuing Dental Education Convocation Was Held At Manila, Philippines

The International College of Continuing Dental Education Convocation was held at Manila, Philippines

Discussions held with Prof Tsang, President, ICCDE

Prof SM Balaji met with Prof Jeffrey Tsang, President, ICCDE, at the conference. They held discussions over a wide range of topics. Discussions included ways to intensify continuing dental education programs in the region. They also discussed ways to enhance professionalism in the Asia Pacific region. Prof Kathryn Kell, President, FDI, was also a key attendee at the conference.

Proceedings at the APDC conference

Scientific sessions conducted at the conference were a grand success. Keynote speeches and presentations included a wide variety of topics involving dentistry. All member nations were well represented in all aspects of the conference. The APDF showed robust growth in all spheres. Prof SM Balaji expressed his utmost satisfaction at the growth shown by the APDF.