Young man presents for square face reduction surgery

The patient is a young man with a broad face due to large masseter and enlarged gonial angle. He had always been unhappy about this and desired surgical correction. He presented to our hospital to undergo square face correction. Dr SM Balaji explained the treatment plan to the patient who agreed to the surgery.

Square face reduction surgery

Under general anesthesia, a left-sided mandibular vestibular incision was first made. Dissection was then carried down to the region of the gonial angle and masseter. Excess masseter muscle was then removed followed by reduction of the gonial angle. This resulted in adequate reduction of left facial breadth. The same procedure was then carried out on the right side.

The patient is very happy with the results

After adequate reduction had been obtained, the incisions were then closed with sutures. The patient expressed his happiness at the results before discharge from the hospital.

Surgery Video