Successful cleft palate repair surgery with release of abnormal muscle attachment

Little girl from Cuttack presents for cleft palate surgery

This is an 8-month old baby girl from Cuttack. She was born with an isolated cleft palate. Her parents were very disturbed over this. They were very worried about their first born baby girl’s condition. They searched the Internet for the cleft palate repair surgeon. This search led them to our hospital.

Patient examined and surgery performed successfully

Cleft palate repair specialist, Dr SM Balaji examined the patient. He then planned the surgery. He decided on cleft palate repair using the palatal pushback technique. Palatal flaps were first raised on the right and left sides. The abnormal attachments of the muscles of the palate were then detached. The muscles were next reattached in a normal position like a hammock. The nasal floor and oral parts were then closed in two layers.

Positive suction test performed indicating good speech in the future

Following surgery, positive suction test indicated successful palate repair surgery. The parents were very happy with the results. They expressed their gratitude before discharge from the hospital.

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